Labor Sec'y Hilda Solis enabling illegal aliens to take Gulf oil spill cleanup jobs from legal workers

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In 2005, the Bush administration moved many victims of Katrina out of New Orleans and helped corrupt, connected contractors move in illegal aliens to take the cleanup jobs Americans could and should have been doing. That crooked Bush scheme was done with the assistance of the mainstream media and the Democrats, and it had huge financial and social costs.

Something similar is currently playing out, with at least one part of the Obama administration trying to enable illegal aliens to take Gulf oil spill cleanup jobs from legal workers. From [1]:

U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis has given assurances that the federal government plans to protect workers’ rights during the Gulf oil spill cleanup – regardless of their immigration status.

“My purpose is to assist the workers with respect to safety and protection,” Solis said in an interview during a visit to Louisiana last week where she met with community leaders and response workers. “We’re protecting all workers regardless of migration status because that’s the federal law.”

...the secretary confirmed that her department was aware that agents from the local office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), had visited at least two work sites on the Louisiana coast in May to verify the legal status of Hispanic workers. While ICE activities are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security, not the Department of Labor, Solis said, “We have been talking with ICE and I know that they’re working on that issue now.”

It's not too much to read into the last that she's trying to get the Department of Homeland Security not to do enforcement.

Note that Andrea Nill of the Center for American Progress [2] and other low-level Democratic proxies [3] have already tried to dissuade DHS from doing enforcement on the Gulf; expect that to pick up given Solis' comments.

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