comprehensive immigration reform

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

"Comprehensive Immigration Reform" ("CIR") is a euphemism for an illegal alien amnesty, combined with supposed increased border security and supposed increased workplace enforcement. Some versions include some form of guest worker plan, an increase in bureaucracy to deal with the flood of applications, new ID requirements, and so on.

However, whatever the details, CIR is a scam built on a series of lies. Due to a sympathetic, corrupt media, CIR supporters are constantly allowed to jabber on in support of CIR but are never confronted with the hugely obvious downsides:

1. CIR would give a tremendous amount of additional political power to the Mexican government, far-left organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union, racial power groups like the National Council of La Raza, League of United Latin American Citizens, and MALDEF, and so on. Those groups currently fight against border security and workplace enforcement, and they aren't going to completely do an about-face if CIR passes. They'll continue fighting against the border security and workplace enforcement provisions of CIR, no matter what they say now.

2. CIR supporters say that the system does not work, which is highly misleading. The problem isn't our current laws, the problem is that most politicians are too corrupt to enforce those laws.

3. CIR would not be the last amnesty, and in fact would lead to more amnesties down the road. It's a way for the Democratic Party and various power brokers to obtain more power. They aren't going to pass up an opportunity to add to their power.

4. It will lead to additional illegal immigration. Whatever euphemism supporters want to use, millions - perhaps billions - of people around the world will see it for what it is: amnesty. Millions of those will try to come here, knowing that if they can stay under the radar long enough they'll be granted their own amnesty.

See also the DREAM Act (a mini-amnesty) and this discussion of the talking points used by amnesty supporters.

Last modified Jun 15, 2009
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What Reihan Salam can't figure out about immigration - 09/21/18

At the Wall Street Journal, Reihan Salam blogs "A Way Out of the Immigration Crisis" [1]. He hasn't yet figured out how things actually work in the real world. Salam lives in a fantasy world where he can spend paragraph after paragraph supporting assimilation, a melting pot, and a form of civic nationalism, and then propose a plan that would dash all that:

Conor Lamb deceives about immigration (Pennsylvania, 18th District) - 03/05/18

Conor Lamb is a Democrat running in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, and he's trying to deceive voters about immigration. From "Is Conor Lamb the Next Big Democratic Upset?" by Jim Saksa [1]:

Trump admits he'd sign DACA amnesty, says "comprehensive immigration reform" (a bigger amnesty) would follow - 01/09/18

From this: President Trump promised Tuesday to sign what he called a "bill of love" to extend protections to 800,000 immigrants who entered the United States illegally as children — if Congress can work out the details.

Nancy Pelosi says Trump told her he'd sign the anti-American DREAM Act - 09/07/17

From [1]: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that President Trump agreed to sign into law a measure shielding young undocumented immigrants from deportation if it's passed by lawmakers.

Sarah Sanders admits Trump wants comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty - 09/06/17

When someone supports "Comprehensive Immigration Reform", they support what most call "amnesty". Amnesty supporters can play word games all they want (see reform not amnesty), but CIR is what amnesty opponents mean by amnesty. "Immigration reform" could mean various things, but when you add "comprehensive" to it you're talking about mass legalization, aka full-on amnesty.

Trump ends DACA, but calls on Congress to push amnesty - 09/05/17

UPDATE: Trump has made it crystal clear he wants amnesty, see the update below. Donald Trump has ended DACA, Barack Obama's amnesty-by-fiat for hundreds of thousands of "DREAMers". That's OK as far as it goes, but Trump is also beginning to push amnesty.

Trump promotes "comprehensive immigration reform" in Silicon Valley meeting [UPDATED] - 06/19/17

[UPDATE BELOW] From [1]: Timothy D. Cook of Apple, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Eric Schmidt of Alphabet were among 18 tech executives and investors... who attended [a] four-hour afternoon session [at the White House to discuss technology issues]... ...Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president, said on Twitter that the company made the case "for why healthy high-skilled immigration and investments in education are good for the country."

Donald Trump threatens amnesty yet again (60 Minutes, transition 2017) - 11/13/16

Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to legalize millions of illegal aliens. He did it before he was elected and now at least twice after being elected.

Greg Orman misleads on immigration using cookie cutter talking points - 09/28/14

[UPDATE: Orman supports the 2013 Senate amnesty bill, see below] Greg Orman is the independent candidate for Senate from Kansas. His thoughts on immigration are completely unoriginal and just as deceptive.

Ed Schultz opposes Obama's immigration executive order, partly due to impact on workers - 07/30/14

On his MSNBC show yesterday, Ed Schultz came out against Barack Obama issuing an Executive Order that would in effect legalize millions of illegal aliens. Video below [1].

Latest Greg Sargent, Simon Rosenberg deception: pass amnesty to stop kids crossing the border - 06/24/14

Imagine the sleaziest used car salesman you can, someone who'd tell you a rusty hole in the top of a car is a sunroof. Greg Sargent of the Washington Post and Simon Rosenberg of the New Democratic Network are a lot like that.

Which Republicans will vote for John McCain's "Edward M. Kennedy immigration bill"? - 04/01/14

On March 28 [5], John McCain accepted a "Lifetime Achievement Award" [1] from the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and said the following [2]: "when immigration reform passes I will make sure it is forever called the Edward M. Kennedy immigration bill"

Questions for Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform - 03/10/14

"Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform" ("BBB") describes itself as "a national network of faith, law enforcement and business leaders working together to educate and support members of Congress as they consider reforms to our immigration system".

Jim Wallis has a low opinion of his supporters (Sojourners, immigration reform) - 02/19/14

If you're a follower of Jim Wallis of Sojourners, I have some bad news: he has a very low opinion of you. In a post at Time Magazine [1], he writes false and misleading statements that would make a used car salesman blush. And, apparently he thinks his supporters aren't going to pick up on how he's misleading them.

Mark Zuckerberg's questionable ads for GOP immigration reform plan (FWD US, ACD, Facebook) - 01/31/14

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is behind a $750,000 ad buy in support of the GOP "Standards for Immigration Reform".

GOP "Standards for Immigration Reform": how it's wrong, how it won't work, what you can do - 01/30/14

The GOP "Standards for Immigration Reform" have been released. It's a short summary of the guidelines the Republican Party leadership will use for their own amnesty push. First I'll quote the full document, followed by a discussion of some of the ways it won't work and it misleads. That's followed by some very effective things you can do to stop the GOP effort.

US Chamber of Commerce to "pull out all the stops" for immigration amnesty - 01/08/14

The US Chamber of Commerce has always been a strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform and high immigration in general. Now they plan to turn up the heat, spending money on candidates that agree with their stance and on "grass-roots lobbying".

Nancy Pelosi: just being here illegally "is not reason for deportation"; cheers George Bush on immigration - 12/16/13

Rep. Nancy Pelosi appeared on Telemundo yesterday and showed that she has little use for our immigration laws.

DHS nominee Jeh Johnson supports Senate immigration amnesty bill, prosecutorial discretion - 12/13/13

Jeh Johnson is the nominee to be the next secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and it appears he'll be confirmed.

Jared Polis in illogical tirade on House floor (immigration, amnesty, Colorado) - 12/05/13

In 2006, Jared Polis got an award from the Mexican government, the award they give to purported Americans that push their agenda inside the U.S. Now that he's in the U.S. House of Representatives, he's still earning his award. The latest example is the video below where he goes into an illogical, emotional, and perhaps fake rant in which he falsely claims our immigration laws are to blame for separating families. Partial transcript from this.

Leslie Marshall's Thanksgiving plea for immigration reform isn't a satire - 11/28/13

Many see Thanksgiving as a way to push their high immigration agenda, but few are as ludicrous as a piece from talk show host, Fox News contributor, and US News columnist Leslie Marshall. If I didn't know she was serious, I'd think her "Thanksgiving Reminds Us Why We Need Immigration Reform" column ( ) was satire:

"Your Republican Uncle" misleads on immigration (Democrats, DNC, - 11/27/13

The Democratic National Committee recently created the site YourRepublicanUncle . com as "the Democrat's guide to talking politics with your republican uncle" [1]. Here's how it misleads on the immigration issue. They provide five immigration "myths", each followed by supposed "facts" to refute "myth". I'll quote each pair, followed by how it misleads:

10 immigration questions for Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook, - 11/24/13

The video [1] below shows Mark Zuckerberg - CEO of Facebook and founder of the advocacy group FWD . us - promoting comprehensive immigration reform.

Childlike Frank Keating of American Bankers Assn uses Reagan to promote amnesty, loose borders - 11/11/13

Former Oklahoma governor Frank Keating - now president of the American Bankers Association - offers "What would Reagan do?" (Los Angeles Times, ).

What Chris Geidner of Buzz Feed didn't ask Tom Ridge about immigration - 10/24/13

Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge recently spoke with Chris Geidner of BuzzFeed to promote, among other things, comprehensive immigrat

Darrell Issa to introduce mass immigration legalization plan for illegal aliens ("halfway" means full amnesty) - 10/23/13

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa plans to introduce ( ) a plan that would legalize most illegal aliens in the U.S. for a period of six years.

Guy Benson supports mass legalization of illegal aliens (immigration, amnesty, Townhall, HotAir) - 10/21/13

The video below features Guy Benson of Townhall, HotAir, and Fox News outlining his immigration position. He admits that he was "hopeful" that the Senate would come up with an immigration bill that was "workable".

Ted Cruz wants to legalize most illegal aliens, double legal immigration, increase H1B cap to 325,000 - 09/29/13

On the video below [1], Senator Ted Cruz of Texas finally confirms just how bad he is on immigration. Rather than strongly opposing the Senate amnesty bill and completely opposing any form of mass legalization, Ted Cruz wanted to "fix" the Senate bill. On the video, Cruz talks about what his amendments would do. This is what he supports:

American Bar Association to stress immigration reform; why? (amnesty, James Silkenat) - 09/18/13

James Silkenat is the new president of the American Bar Association and he promises to make supporting comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty) one of his top priorities.

Pro-amnety LIBRE Initiative got $3 million from Koch-led Freedom Partners - 09/12/13

The LIBRE Initiative is a group that runs putatively free market, pro-GOP outreach campaigns to Hispanics [1]. They're also in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty.

Richard Trumka admits there's no labor shortage, but won't admit how amnesty would harm Americans (AFL CIO, immigration reform) - 08/30/13

First, the good news. Richard Trumka - president of the AFL CIO - admits that complaints about a labor shortage are bogus. He recently said this (link):

Examples of August townhalls that fail to do anything about immigration reform (amnesty) - 08/03/13

One of the best ways to block comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty, aka any form of mass legalization) is for its opponents to use the Question Authority plan at this month's townhalls.

Warning: GOP House members are prepared for your questions at August townhalls (immigration, amnesty) - 08/01/13

One of the best ways to block amnesty is to ask tough questions at the townhalls that will be held this month by GOP House members. The key word in that sentence is "tough": the normal questions that are asked won't be good enough. If regular citizens just get up and rant and rave or ask weak questions, politicians will be able to turn those questions around.

Bruce McQuain of HotAir "calms the herd" for amnesty (immigration, McQ, QandO) - 07/27/13

Bruce McQuain of the site QAndO hasn't (as far as I know) contributed to the HotAir front page before. But, he's kicked off his premiere appearance [1] in a big way: by supporting comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty.

Paul Ryan promotes amnesty for "undocumented Americans" (immigration reform) - 07/27/13

Yesterday at a "Hispanic town hall" (link), Paul Ryan promoted comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. This shouldn't be a surprise: fiscal conservatives are all about the money, and there's money to be had by supporting amnesty.

Catholic College Presidents promote bad, immoral immigration policy (ACCU letter to Congress) - 07/19/13

Yesterday 93 presidents of Catholic colleges and universities sent a letter to all members of Congress demanding that they support comprehensive immigration reform (see the link for the downsides of that plan). I'll quote the letter and then briefly describe how it deceives and promotes bad policy. From the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities ("ACCU") letter [1]:

Ask Reince Priebus this very basic immigration question he doesn't realize he raised (RNC chairman) - 06/28/13

This site has covered politicians saying some dumb things, and the following quote from RNC chairman Reince Priebus ranks right up there (link):

Liberals: read why you should oppose the Senate immigration bill (New Republic) - 06/27/13

I encourage any liberal who supports comprehensive immigration reform to go read "Why Liberals Should Oppose the Immigration Bill/It's about low-wage American workers" by T. A. Frank at The New Republic. Check it out here.

CBO: Senate immigration bill means lower wages for millions of American for over a decade (S744, budget deficit) - 06/19/13

The Congressional Budget Office recently released a report containing economic projections for the Senate amnesty bill S.744 (cbo . gov/publication/44346).