Labor Dep't "We Can Help" wants tips from third-party activist groups (in addition to helping illegal labor)

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A few days ago we discussed how the Department of Labor is actively supporting illegal immigration with their new "We Can Help" program. Now comes this:

[The DOL] is also relying on tips from worker advocacy groups [as part of the "We Can Help" program], widening efforts by the Obama administration to enlist activist groups to help with enforcement in a range of sectors from toy safety to distracted driving...

...The agency and independent groups, including labor federation AFL-CIO, will also distribute posters, fact sheets and booklets on pay and how to report complaints...

...Bill Lurye, associate general counsel for the AFL-CIO, said the group's affiliates would disseminate material to workers, arrange meetings between workers and wage and hour staff, and hold forums at union halls where workers can watch videos about minimum wage and how to track their hours worked...

...(Randel Johnson, senior vice president of labor for the US Chamber of Commerce) also questioned the appropriateness of the agency's partnerships. "Deputizing people outside the government who may have their own agendas is troublesome," he said.

What will most likely happen is that the third-party complaints will come from far-left racial power groups that support massive illegal activity - such as the National Council of La Raza, MALDEF, and so on as well as smaller groups like Casa de Maryland. And, that is indeed troublesome. Some of those groups might do that with federal or state funding. On the bright side, the Chamber isn't happy, when in the past they've been more than willing to join with such groups to support comprehensive immigration reform. Anything that serves as a wedge between far-left racial power groups and corrupt business interests is generally a good thing.