Interesting: Hilda Solis reviews project using Mexican "guest" workers instead of union workers

From the AFL CIO blog [1]:
In one of her first official acts as labor secretary, Hilda Solis has asked for a review of how Mexican sheet metal workers were given visas to work on the St. Regis Hotel project in Bal Harbour, Fla., when more than 1,000 members of the Sheet Metal Workers union (SMWIA) are out of work in the same area.

The company hired to install the heating and air conditioning ducts, CYVSA International, received approval from the state of Florida and the Bush Labor Department for visas to bring in foreign workers for seasonal work. But the visas are supposed to be granted only if there are no Americans available to do the job.
They also provide this Solis quote from a meeting she conducted with the AFL-CIO:
We are going to have to take a look at it and, hopefully, work closely with [Homeland Security Secretary Janet] Napolitano to see how we better focus so that these things don’t happen and that we avoid them [in the future]. There were before I came into my position visas that were permitted under the Bush administration that we will take a very, very close look at and [with] a very keen eye go through. But, rest assured, we will take a strong view on that.
[1] solis-investigating-guest-worker-visas-on-florida-hotel-project


This is one of the carrots; she and the Obama administration will soon be 'wacking' you over the head with the racist stick if you don't go along with a massive amnesty.

She shovels shit quite well, doesn't she?

eh is right. This is just window-dressing and we'll see a lot of it in the coming days. Where was REPRESENTATIVE Solis when the wholesale replacement of US construction workers by illegal aliens was going on? Out banging the drum for amnesty. Believe it or not, at the height of the building boom, construction wages FELL. They fell because there was a glut of workers, many illegal and many who would work for far below standard wages.

Obama has his picks that desire amnesty for illegal immigrants.Solis wanted illegals to have a drivers license.Pelosi says illegals are Americans too but avoids the fine detail that they have no loyalty to the U.S.Hillary Clinton wants to provide work visas to foreigners.These people amongst others are in power but have no discipline.