NDN admits: Census padding with non-citizens to gain race-based power ("Latinos" meet in DC; redistricting)

Fernanda Santos of the New York Times offers "Immigration Tops Latinos' Wish List at D.C. Meeting" (link), discussing a meeting held today in Washington DC featuring John Trasvina of MALDEF, Rosa Rosales of the League of United Latin American Citizens, and Simon Rosenberg of the New Democratic Network. As could be expected, it falsely assumes that those racial-power-seeking leaders represent all Hispanics ("[MALDEF] hosted the event, the second annual Latino State of the Union, a gathering of advocates, civil rights activists and lawmakers representing the interests of the Latino community").

And, Rosenberg amplified the previous thoughts of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus:

[He] said that the Latino vote is now too important to be ignored and that might help speed things up in Congress, especially as congressional district lines will be redrawn after the 2010 Census. Certainly some Republican leaders are urging their party to figure out a way to regain Latino support that eroded during this presidential election... "I anticipate a dramatic shift in power toward heavily Latino parts of the United States" following the redistricting, Mr. Rosenberg said. "Remember: in redistricting, we count people, not citizens."

In other words, Rosenberg wants to dilute the votes of U.S. citizens using legal immigrants and illegal aliens in order to gain political power. See also Should illegal aliens count towards Congressional representation?, "Under bill, illegals wouldn't count toward political clout", and Crooked Massachusetts Dems: count illegal aliens to save Cong. seat.

Note also this:

"[Trasvina] mentioned that Latinos have "friends in high places" in the Obama administration, like the Interior secretary designate, Ken Salazar; the Labor secretary designate, Hilda Solis; and the White House's director of intergovernmental affairs, Cecilia Munoz, formerly a vice president of the National Council de la Raza.


In remarks read by Tina Tchen, who will be the White House director of public liaison, Mr. Obama said to Latinos, "You showed how powerful you are on Nov. 4" and that the appointments are "a measure of my commitment" of forming a government that reflects the nation's diversity.


In large part because of John McCain's idiocy over Free Trade and Open Borders the Republicans took a beating in the Midwest. If nothing is done to correct the counting of Illegal Aliens in the up coming census, the Midwest especially is expected to lose representation in the House. Over a dozen seats are at stake. There are congressional seats in heavily Hispanic districts were the total vote count is less than 60% of average congressional districts. If the Republicans have any hopes of gaining back ground in the Upper Midwest they need to push this issue hard. It is an issue of huge bipartisan concern in Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan.

The republicans will never get power back, in fact obama will become the president that will end the usa in a third world war, that is why he was placed inside the system as president. the hispanic rats are a side-show to keep you from seeing that fact.

I firmly believe our position would be better served if Fred would defect to the "Dark Side".

thank you petty anonymous but facts are facts cry race hate all you want but that war is planned and people will always be fooled by evil doers, listen to savage nation!