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1200 scholars, unable to learn from history, sign letter against Trump (Shana Bernstein) - 12/15/16

Twelve hundred scholars, mostly historians, have shown they can't learn from history by signing a pathetic letter [1] to Donald Trump:

Trump Labor Secretary Andy Puzder wants mass legalization, guest workers, anti-American DREAM Act; ally of Norquist & Bloomberg - 12/09/16

Donald Trump has nominated Andy Puzder to head his Department of Labor. Puzder is the CEO of CKE Restaurants, which runs Carl's Jr and Hardees, and he's very bad on immigration.

Donald Trump signals support for anti-American DREAM Act and DACA - 12/07/16

Donald Trump has been named Time Magazine's Man of the Year, and in an interview with them he said this about the so-called "DREAMers": "We're going to work something out that's going to make people happy and proud. They got brought here at a very young age, they've worked here, they've gone to school here. Some were good students. Some have wonderful jobs. And they're in never-never land because they don't know what's going to happen."

John Hinderaker's childlike view of immigration issues - 11/29/16

Discussing Jeff Sessions - Donald Trump's choice for Attorney General - John Hinderaker of Powerline declares [1]:

Trump promises New York Times will be "happy" with his immigration bill - 11/23/16

Yesterday, President-elect Donald Trump sat down with the publisher of the New York Times and many of their reporters, editors and columnists. The transcript is here. The NYT didn't bring up any immigration-related topics, and Trump only briefly mentioned it. However, what he said was very, very bad:

Donald Trump threatens amnesty yet again (60 Minutes, transition 2017) - 11/13/16

Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to legalize millions of illegal aliens. He did it before he was elected and now at least twice after being elected.

Trump transition team's Kris Kobach tries to make Trump Wall succeed unlike his past failures - 11/10/16

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is an anti-amnesty stalwart who serves on Donald Trump's transition team. Per the Wall Street Journal, the transition team "includes a unit dedicated to figuring out how to build Mr.

John and Ken deceive about Trump's Muslims and Mexican comments - 11/09/16

On today's John and Ken show on KFI, the hosts deceived about Donald Trump's idiot initial comment about Mexicans and his idiotic Muslims and regions bans.

Who refused to help stop President Donald Trump: a list - 11/09/16

Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States of America, despite how easy it would have been to stop him. All his loudest opponents had to do was understand what attracted voters to Trump, and then show those voters how incredibly fake he is. Instead, all his loudest opponents could do was in effect help him such as by smearing likely Trump voters or by only opposing Trump over issues that likely Trump voters didn't care about.

Paul Rahe is wrong about Donald Trump and about immigration - 11/06/16

Paul Rahe is a history professor at Hillsdale College and a conservative thinker. For an example of his thinking, he writes [1]: I regard trade policy, immigration, entitlement reform, abortion, kangaroo courts on campus, and a host of other matters of public policy as important. But we can go wrong on any of these matters and later correct course - as long as we can still have an open discussion of political issues and free elections.

Questions for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) about Trump - 11/04/16

The National Border Patrol Council ("NBPC") - a union representing Border Patrol agents - has endorsed Donald Trump. The NBPC says that Trump is the only candidate that would fully enforce our immigration laws.

Jeopardy digs at Trump, asks "Who pays for the Wall?" - 11/04/16

The TV show Jeopardy decided to get cute about politics: in a category asking the contestants to decipher sentences in Spanish, one of the answers was "Who pays for the Wall?" That's a reference to Trump Wall, a plan from Donald Trump. I sent the following email (links added):

California Voter's Guide - 11/04/16

Welcome to the Official 24Ahead California Voter's Guide:

Eric Trump thinks a U.S. Senate candidate should be assassinated (Ross Kaminsky, David Duke) - 11/03/16

Speaking with Ross Kaminsky on KHOW radio in Denver, Eric Trump said that a candidate for U.S. Senate in Louisiana "deserve[s] a bullet". The candidate in question is ex-KKK leader David Duke, but that doesn't matter: threatening those who aren't politically convenient for you is straight out of a Central American dictatorship or Saddam Hussein's Iraq (with Eric Trump as Uday Hussein).

Does Donald Trump vindicate Pat Buchanan? - 11/01/16

Pat Buchanan seems to think that Donald Trump vindicates his positions; see "Pat Buchanan 'Delighted to Be Proven Right' by 2016 Election" [1]. I left the following comment. This is a comment so it's not in the same format as a normal post here:

Donald Trump speaks Hindi in campaign ad - 10/27/16

The video below features Donald Trump speaking Hindi in a new ad from his campaign.

Trump wants to fight Joe Biden. What he should do instead. - 10/26/16

One of the main reasons why Donald Trump is still a contender is because the opposition to him has been so unintellectual. He's made his loudest opponents stupid, dragging them into the mud with him. The smart thing to do would be for Trump to get out of the mud and leave his opponents there: doing a great public service by making them look bad.

Eric Trump tricked by sneaky, low-class trick ("Latinas Contra Trump") - 10/23/16

Rich Schapiro of the New York Daily News writes "Eric Trump tricked into taking photo with woman wearing shirt that says ‘AGAINST Trump’ in Spanish" (link): (Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump) was played for a fool at a North Carolina rally when he posed for a photo with a young woman wearing a "Latinas Contra Trump" shirt.

Trump's Gettysburg Address: stock GOP plans plus unrealistic immigration plans - 10/22/16

Earlier today, Donald Trump spoke in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and described what he'd do in his first 100 days as president. Obviously, he's not going to be president so it doesn't matter, but what he said shows just how flawed a candidate he is and how great a disservice his supporters have done to the U.S. by enabling him rather than demanding better.

Trump's Alt Right trolls viciously attack those too incompetent to stop Trump - 10/21/16

Donald Trump has a fair number of supporters from the "Alt Right": white nationalists who don't hide what they support. They tend to be nasty people who can't make valid arguments but instead rely on iconography, memes, and so on.

RealClearPolitics falls for hoax video (Trump Car Destroyed; Tim Hains; Joey Salads) - 10/19/16

On October 17, Tim Hains of RealClearPolitics posted "YouTuber Test: Car With Trump Stickers Looted, Destroyed By Black Youth" [1] featuring a video purporting to show five black youths smashing the windows of a car that had been supposedly parked in a black neighborhood. The video later turned out to be a complete hoax, featuring actors smashing the windows.

Incompetent Kellyanne Conway relies on ObamaCare collapsing to save Donald Trump - 10/17/16

How incompetent is Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's campaign manager? To answer that question, all you have to do is look at the current state of the election. Despite all his many personal failings, Trump should be ahead by 10 or 20 points. All he had to do was use Hillary Clinton's extraordinary vulnerabilities on immigration - such as her support for the anti-American DREAM Act - against her. Instead, Trump has decided to engage in meaningless personality issues.

Donald Trump needs to concentrate on immigration, not personal issues - 10/10/16

After the release of the Entertainment Tonight tape, Donald Trump has decided to go full-on Breitbart News, concentrating on Hillary Clinton's and Bill Clinton's personal issues and various scandals/"scandals" rather than things that are actually important and t

Mike Pence lied about Donald Trump's "Mexicans" comment - 10/04/16

At tonight's VP debate, Donald Trump's VP Mike Pence lied about Trump's "Mexican" comments that kicked off his campaign. Trump kicked off his campaign by saying among other things "and some, I assume, are good people". That implies that the rest aren't. Since "some" is the opposite of "most", Trump was saying that most Mexican illegal aliens aren't "good people".

Incompetent Donald Trump data points: Miss Universe 1996 and Monica Lewinsky - 09/30/16

Here are yet two more examples of Donald Trump's gross incompetence:

Loose borders libertarian Trump advisor Stephen Moore is trying to weaken him on free trade - 09/07/16

Last month, Donald Trump released lists of the members of his Economic Advisory Council. (He did it in two rounds, and therein lies yet another tale about Trump's incompetence.)

Incompetent Donald Trump data point: binders full of female advisors - 09/07/16

Here's yet another in the long line of examples of Donald Trump's incompetence in the political arena.

Incompetent Donald Trump data point: USA Freedom Kids are suing him - 09/07/16

Remember the "USA Freedom Kids", the trio of little girls who gave a cute-but-creepy serenade to Donald Trump before one of his Florida rallies? In yet another example of just how incompetent Trump is in the political arena, they're now suing him [1]: Jeff Popick, the group's manager and the father of one of the girls, told CNN the Trump campaign did not give him and the girls their due.

Trump spox Katrina Pierson: "immigration is not showing to be a top priority"; Trump still for mass legalization - 09/06/16

Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson was recently interviewed on CNN by Alisyn Camerota and said among other things that "immigration is not showing to be a top priority for Americans in this election cycle".

Donald Trump's big immigration speech - 08/31/16

Donald Trump plans on giving a big immigration speech today, and this text will be replaced with a discussion of all the ways his plans would fail when a transcript is available.

What Donald Trump should say in his immigration speech - 08/29/16

On Wednesday August 31, 2016, Donald Trump promises to give a speech that finally solidifies out his ever-shifting immigration position. Here's the speech he should give. I'll compare this to the actual speech once it's available:

"Presidential" Donald Trump: 49 seconds offloading Play Doh to Louisiana flood victims - 08/19/16

The video below shows Donald Trump pretending to act presidential by offloading a shipment of PlayDoh for Louisiana flood victims (link):

Breitbart News chief will now run Donald Trump's campaign - 08/17/16

Donald Trump has shaken up his campaign again, naming the head of Breitbart News to run his campaign [1]:

Donald Trump gets closer to a smart immigration screening plan - 08/15/16

Earlier today, Donald Trump gave a speech about radical Islamic terrorism in which he proposed yet another version of his Muslims ban. A PDF of the speech is [1] and the text of the immigration-related portions is at [2].

Drudge & Trump fans are too incompetent & nuts to hold the media accountable - 08/12/16

The attached image is from today's Drudge Report (Matt Drudge), showing a Donald Trump supporter giving the finger to Noah Gray of CNN. On the video at [1], the protester says "Go home! You are a traitor! I am an American Patriot!"

Trump lets down Mike Bloomberg, Bill de Blasio opponents - 07/29/16

As discussed in detail on the Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio pages, both the current and former mayor of New York City are strong supporters of massive and illegal immigration. Both push bad policies using deception, and both are extremely vulnerable to smart arguments.

Donald Trump chooses pro-amnesty Mike Pence as VP - 07/14/16

Donald Trump has selected governor Mike Pence of Indiana as his vice presidential running mate. Pence is an insider and considered serious by the GOP establishment. So, this might help Trump get more establishment support and funding. However, Trump won't be able to present himself as the outsider candidate with such an insider on the ticket.

Donald Trump flubs question about anti-American DREAM Act - 07/04/16

Back on February 15, 2016, Donald Trump had yet another opportunity to do something that would help the U.S. As he tends to do when given two options, Trump chose instead the dumber option that didn't do anything to help the U.S.

Donald Trump's poor decision making ability: he now uses smart approach he called "stupid" - 07/02/16

Donald Trump has illustrated that he's great at getting free publicity and making money. However, when it comes to making political decisions, Trump has shown he's incompetent. He's been forced into a smart course of action that he initially called "stupid", but not before his bad decisions have not only hurt his campaign, but have not helped the U.S. as he could have done.

Donald Trump's anti-terrorism speech: a new, just as dumb ban and more - 06/13/16

[UPDATES BELOW] Donald Trump has released a rambling anti-terrorism speech [1]. A few points so far based on these parts: We have an incompetent administration, and if I am not elected President, that will not change over the next four years -- but it must change, and it must change now...