Donald Trump's big immigration speech

Donald Trump plans on giving a big immigration speech today, and this text will be replaced with a discussion of all the ways his plans would fail when a transcript is available.

Earlier today, Trump visited Mexico and had a private meeting with their president. At the press conference afterwards, Trump was asked if he had discussed who was going to pay for "Trump Wall". As was likely, Trump said they "didn't discuss" that (link). Trump probably knows by now that the Trump Wall is a fairy tale he tells his followers. The Mexican government has a series of direct and indirect links to powerful, pro-amnesty NGOs in the U.S., and the Mexican government knows that those groups would fiercely oppose Trump Wall and would completely block it in courts for years. Trump's followers don't know what would happen, Trump might know what would happen, but Mexican leaders certainly do know what would happen. Especially since they've already done it: they and groups like the American Civil Liberties Union tied up Arizona's SB1070 in the courts for two years and gutted it. Trump Wall would suffer the same fate but on a much larger scale. And, there's nothing Trump and his supporters could do about that: they'd have no leverage over powerful, far-left NGOs and they'd have little leverage over the Democratic Party. The Dems would use opposing every Trump move to improve their electoral chances.

In the press conference, Trump also used the phrase "our hemisphere" a few times, sounding like George W Bush (but without the guayabera). See North American Union and safe legal orderly. I expect Trump to use the latter phrase sooner or later.

UPDATE: Here are my tweets about Trump's speech in reverse chronological order. Full post later:

* - 19:35
If you supported Trump thinking most illegal aliens would leave, boy did you get suckered.
* - 19:34
Every other hack waves the shiny object of border security to get mass legalization. That's exactly what Trump is doing.
* - 19:33
Trump would legalize untold #s of illegal aliens: they just need to wait for #TrumpWall to be built & other conditions.
* - 19:33
Remember I said "so far"? With Trump, that just took a couple of minutes.
* - 19:32
Trump just said he'll send the right message, then sent the wrong message: stay here long enough & you get legalized.
* - 19:31
Only after certain conditions will we legalize remaining illegal aliens. Why, that sounds like amnesty, Mr. Trump.
* - 19:30
Trump's retards aren't cheering for the most important part.
* - 19:28
Trump doesn't *appear* to be supporting mass legalization. At least so far.
* - 19:27
Trump: "these 10 steps if rigorously followed & enforced". LOL. Even he knows #ACLU & friends would sue his plans into oblivion.
* - 19:26
Better the enemy you know than the "friend" whose fans are the dumbest, most deranged people in the USA.
* - 19:24
Trump wants to ensure jobs are "to American workers first". His fans won't realize that means a massive guest workers plan.
* - 19:23
There's a way to talk about #immigration that puts the pro-amnesty side on the defensive. Trump isn't smart enough to do that.
* - 19:21
Trump's reform of legal #immigration = what'd become a massive guest workers program.
* - 19:20
Trump troll Rudy Giuliani wanted a national ID card:
* - 19:14
Trump's biometrics entry-exit system *might* turn into a national biometrics ID.
* - 19:13
After the MSM pointed out Trump & his fans/proxies wouldn't pass some forms of ideological screening, he persists.
* - 19:11
How Trump's "ideological test" would fail:
* - 19:10
Trump would suspend #immigration from Syria & Libya, including persecuted Christians.
* - 19:10
Trump will "prioritize" #immigration enforcement. Just like Obama does, but, we're assured, somehow better.
* - 19:06
Trump: "our country is a mess". What a buffoon.
* - 19:03
If Trump cancels #DACA as he promises, what happens to those already admitted to the process? That's going to the courts.
* - 19:03
There are already teams of ICE agents that go pick up criminal aliens. Trump's new "deportations force" already exists. #LOL
* - 19:00
LOL: Trump's "deportations force" is now just for criminal aliens. We already have such a force. What a buffoon.
* - 18:59
Trump is referencing 287g & Secure Communities, programs he had no clue about. He got that from Sessions I guess.
* - 18:58
Trump is dangerous because his fairy tale plans keep people from supporting realistic plans that'd actually work. #immigration
* - 18:57
ACLU & others - including the MX govt! - tied up #Arizona's #SB1070 in the courts for 2 years & gutted it. They'd do that to Trump's plans.
* - 18:56
Trump wants to enlist local cops as #immigration agents. #Arizona tried that. It was tied up in the courts for two years.
* - 18:55
#ACLU will also challenge Trump's "zero tolerance for illegal aliens" & tie that up in the courts. MSM will run tearjerker stories.
* - 18:54
MX govt has links to top pro-amnesty groups that are very litigious. The ACLU will sue to stop the wall immediately.
* - 18:53
Trump: "Mexico will work with us" on #TrumpWall. He's on drugs.
* - 18:53
Trump thinks MX will pay for the wall. MX govt knows ACLU/NCLR/SPLC/etc will *completely* block it in court.
* - 18:52
As for now, #TrumpWall is still a fairy tale he's trying to get his dumb & deranged fans to believe in.
* - 18:51
Trump "[Hillary] wants open borders [& to] let everyone in". Another thing for "fact checkers" to correctly call a lie.
* - 18:48
Once again, Trump uses a figure (620k from Syria "& that region") that plays right into the hands of "fact checkers".
* - 18:47
A smart Trump would say nice things about most illegal aliens... & then let them know they'll be repatriated gently.
* - 18:44
Vilifying illegal aliens as Trump does plays right into the hands of Hillary, Dem proxies, etc. He & his base are too dumb to smart things.
* - 18:41
Using figures (from CIS?) about the costs of illegal #immigration also plays right into "fact checkers'" hands.
* - 18:26
We don't have "open borders" as Trump keeps saying. Lying like that is stupid: it helps "fact checkers".