Trump spox Katrina Pierson: "immigration is not showing to be a top priority"; Trump still for mass legalization

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Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson was recently interviewed on CNN by Alisyn Camerota and said among other things that "immigration is not showing to be a top priority for Americans in this election cycle". It should be, since it's the most important domestic issue that impacts a whole series of other issues. There are few other issues that immigration doesn't impact, everything from jobs and the economy to the environment to cultural issues to... who gets elected. There isn't a more fundamental and vital domestic issue than immigration.

Given how Trump has bungled the issue, it shouldn't be surprising that Pierson would want to downplay it. If Trump had approached immigration in a smart way, he'd probably be ahead by 20 points. Not to mention he'd have done a great service to the USA, although that doesn't seem to matter much to Trump and his base.

Pierson also reiterated Trump's support for "touchback", a program that would result in millions of illegal aliens being legalized.

The transcript, via [1]:

Katrina Pierson: What Mr. Trump says is that when it comes down to the end of his 10-point plan, he'll make a decision. But first, he wants to make a commitment to Americans to fulfill everything that previous administrations failed to do, which is to secure the border and control the flow of immigration.

Alisyn Camerota: But Katrina, this is different.

KP: When it comes down to it, Mr. Trump's governing principle is no amnesty -

AC: This is a big deal, Katrina. The idea that he might be open to legal status, also known as amnesty -

KP: It's actually not. Immigration is not showing to be a top priority for Americans in this election cycle.

AC: Yes, but he has made it a big deal of his campaign. And he has said that every single one of them had to leave. Now, it sounds as if he's open to amnesty.

KP: No, Alisyn, his governing principle is that if you are in this country illegally, you need to leave and return legally. That's been his governing principle. He's laid out these primary initiatives - one through ten, they're on the website - so that he can let Americans know his priorities are not to go after families. His priorities are to go after the criminal aliens, after they build the wall, after they end catch-and-release, implement E-verify, and essentially eliminate all of the magnets that draw illegals into this country.

Trump's supporters will never understand reality: stripped of fantasy schemes that will never happen (like Trump Wall), there really isn't that much difference between Trump's plans and the Jeff Flake-Luis Gutierrez amnesty and the plans of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Obama (see Obama immigration), and George W. Bush (see Bush immigration). They'd do more faster, but what real difference is there between legalizing millions of illegal aliens within a year or legalizing a similar number within a few years?

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