Trump transition team's Kris Kobach tries to make Trump Wall succeed unlike his past failures

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is an anti-amnesty stalwart who serves on Donald Trump's transition team. Per the Wall Street Journal, the transition team "includes a unit dedicated to figuring out how to build Mr. Trump's wall along the U.S.-Mexico border."

Here's the problem: as noted at [1], almost all of Kobach's grand plans have failed in the past. He was involved in anti-illegal immigration laws in San Bernardino, California; Hazleton, Pennsylvania; Farmers Branch, Texas; towns in Missouri; and state laws in Alabama and Arizona. All failed in one way or another.

If something doesn't work, it might as well not exist. I could get a lot of popular support if I proposed giving everyone in the U.S. one million dollars, but it would never happen and even if it did it wouldn't work to make everyone rich.

Likewise, Kobach can propose things that sound good, but if they don't work they don't do the anti-amnesty side any good. In fact, they do the anti-amnesty side harm: they keep people from doing smart things that would work.

After all the many failures Kobach has had, he must realize by now how Trump Wall would fail. Trump's plan to use remittances to get funding for the Wall wouldn't work. In the same way, Trump Wall would be tied up in court for years. It would be an extremely high-profile project and groups like the American Civil Liberties Union would receive a tremendous amount of funding to fight it. They could hire a literal army of lawyers, and those lawyers would have a better track record than Kobach.

Kobach played a key role in Arizona's SB1070, and the ACLU managed to block it while it was tied up in court for six years, and they ended up gutting it. The same thing would happen to Trump Wall. Kobach says [2] "There's no question the wall is going to get built. The only question is how quickly will it get done and who pays for it?" He probably said something similar about all his other failed plans.

The much better alternative is a "smart wall": making enabling illegal immigration politically toxic. That's something that could be done and if it were done correctly a physical wall wouldn't be necessary. But, Trump's yahoo base wants a Wall because that's the only thing they can understand. They need bright, shiny things that don't work and won't support things that would be devastatingly effective.

Kobach and the rest of Trump's team will give Trump's base what they want and what they deserve. Except the U.S.A. deserves a lot better.

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