"Presidential" Donald Trump: 49 seconds offloading Play Doh to Louisiana flood victims

The video below shows Donald Trump pretending to act presidential by offloading a shipment of PlayDoh for Louisiana flood victims (link):

The Governor of Louisiana warned Donald Trump not to visit the flooded disaster area of the state if he was only coming for a photo op, which would have created a traffic jam and diverted law enforcement away from helping with the recovery effort. So instead Trump showed up with a small truck of supplies and proceeded to spend a total of forty-nine seconds handing out those supplies before giving up and leaving. Worse, the โ€œsuppliesโ€ he handed out to flood victims were cartons of Play-Doh. No, seriously.

This isn't as trivial as it might seem at first glance:

  1. It shows yet again that Trump is keenly interested in self-promotion, even when it would interfere with recovery efforts.
  2. Even if Trump didn't choose which shipment he was going to briefly help offload, it shows yet again that Trump is incapable of thinking ahead and coming up with smart plans. Obviously, the campaign should have balked when informed that the shipment was PlayDoh. And, while PlayDoh might keep kids occupied, it's not what's needed in a survival situation. In such situations you need security, clean water, shelter, clean food, and that means camping supplies such as stoves, fuel, tents, sleeping bags and so on or at least a ready supply of water and basic food. If Trump were truly presidential, he wouldn't hand out clay. He'd assess the situation and determine what was needed to avoid things getting worse. Trump simply can't conceive of doing that.
  3. This reliance on hyper-consumerist products such as PlayDoh, Happy Meals, Coca Cola, etc. serve corporate interests, but they're a major problem the U.S. has. One doesn't expect everyone in the U.S. to be a frontiers woodsman, but basic Boy Scout knowledge and appreciation for getting the basics first would have helped in past disasters such as Katrina.
  4. At least according to CBS in 2003, Play Doh is made in China [2]. If Trump's going to help distribute trivialities, at least let them be made in the U.S.A. as one would expect from his campaign. It took seconds to find out where Play Doh is made, yet the Trump campaign obviously didn't think of it.
  5. This shows yet again that Trump's promoters, including Matt Drudge, aren't credible. If they were they wouldn't present this as Trump acting presidential, because it's just another PR stunt.

[2] cbsnews . com/news/made-in-usa-toys-hard-to-find/

Donald Trump Hands Out Supplies to Louisiana Flood Victims 8/19/16