Incompetent Donald Trump data point: binders full of female advisors

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Here's yet another in the long line of examples of Donald Trump's incompetence in the political arena.

First, I'd like you to please imagine for a second that you're running for 5th Grade Class President, and if you aren't already, you're a boy. Your opponent for 5th Grade Class President is a girl. You're going to release a list of your 5th Grade Class Advisors, and they're all boys. Wouldn't you, even as a 5th grader, realize that choosing just boys would be something that your opponent and her proxies would use to make you look bad? Now, perhaps the best choices for your 5th Grade Class Advisors might be boys. In that case, if you were competent and principled, you'd stick with it and have arguments ready why your 5th Grade Class Advisors are the best. If the best choices for your 5th Grade Class Advisors were a mix of girls and boys, then that's what you'd go with first since you want the best advisors possible. If your opponent were known for playing the "girl card" at every opportunity, then you'd make sure not to give her opportunities or to be ready to show her wrong. Especially if you were familiar with the last loser for 5th Grade Class President, who'd had "binders full of girls".

If you, a candidate for 5th Grade Class President, were competent, the last thing you'd do is release the list of boys and then, after receiving pushback from your opponent and her proxies, release another list that had mostly girls. That'd make you look bad and make you look weak, and you'd want to avoid that.

Please take a moment and think back: even in the 5th Grade, wouldn't you think ahead and try to do things in the best way?

Back in the present day, Donald Trump isn't as smart as a 5th grader because he recently did things the dumb way.

In August, Trump released the names of his economic advisors over two lists. The first list had 13 names, all men.

That was then attacked by Hillary Clinton proxies such as Patricia Cohen of the New York Times in "Trump's Economic Team: Bankers and Billionaires (and All Men)" [1] and Eliza Collins of USA Today in "Trump's economic advisers are all men" [2].

Then, Trump released a second list of advisors [3]. Eight of the nine on that list are women.

Please go through the exercise above. What would the 5th Grade you have done?

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