Donald Trump flubs question about anti-American DREAM Act

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Back on February 15, 2016, Donald Trump had yet another opportunity to do something that would help the U.S. As he tends to do when given two options, Trump chose instead the dumber option that didn't do anything to help the U.S.

In Hanahan, South Carolina, Trump was asked about "DREAMers". Those are illegal aliens who want to be covered by the bills known as the DREAM Act and who are covered by Barack Obama's "DACA". Both the DREAM Act and DACA are anti-American as described at those links.

Did Trump finally do something that would help the U.S.? No. Like someone slamming their beer mug down on the bar before telling everyone what they really think, Trump went into a sales pitch:

"I want dreamers to come from this country... I want the children that are growing up in the United States to be dreamers also. They're not dreaming right now..."

There's more on the video below. If Trump opposes the DREAM Act and DACA, then that's a step up from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Putting Americans first isn't something either would dare utter.

However, one downside of Trump's sales pitch is that he's presenting DREAMers and Americans having dreams as mutually exclusive. To many or most of his followers the idea of depriving DREAMers of their dreams is of no concern. That's the wrong way to look at it and it's also counter-productive: it allows Trump opponents to portray him as heartless and that impacts Trump's popularity with those outside his fan club.

Another major downside of the option Trump chose is he just gave a sales speech when he had a chance to deliver the goods. It's great he keeps saying how much he'd help the U.S., but when given a chance to help the U.S. right at the moment he can't bring himself to do it or he can't figure out how to do it.

What Trump should have done was engage the reporter in debate with the goal of showing her wrong. Instead of just saying how great he was going to be for the U.S., he could have done something great for the U.S. right then and there by discrediting a DREAM Act supporter to her viewers and colleagues. See the DREAM Act link above and the skilled immigration page for how Trump could have engaged the reporter.

For instance, Trump could have pointed out that just between about 3000 and 7000 Mexican students excel at math per year, a much smaller per capita number than in the U.S. and other developed countries. He could have asked the reporter to imagine what damage some segment of those students coming to the U.S. would have on Mexico. And, to avoid looking heartless, Trump could have proposed helping DREAMers return to their own countries, arranging educations for them in their own countries so they can contribute to those countries.

A smart, skilled, patriotic politician like Marine Le Pen would have done something like that in Trump's position (see the link). All Trump did was launch into a sales speech about how great things would be if he were elected. Isn't it time Trump finally gives us a preview rather than all talk and no action?

• Donald Trump: I Want 'Dreamers' To Come From This Country • 2/15/16 •