John and Ken deceive about Trump's Muslims and Mexican comments

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On today's John and Ken show on KFI, the hosts deceived about Donald Trump's idiot initial comment about Mexicans and his idiotic Muslims and regions bans.

John Kobylt made it sound like Trump's bans were perfectly reasonable ideas. In fact, both bans only appeal to yahoos who aren't familiar with the immigration issue (which now, apparently, includes John and Ken). The regions ban would fail miserably as discussed at the link. The Muslims ban has already failed the USA: no one with any power supports it so from a policy perspective it might as well not exist.

If Trump tries either ban, he'll find it immediately blocked in court or by Congress.

If your goal is just making yourself feel better, then both bans are great. However, if your goal is keeping terrorists out then the only workable plan is to demand stringent screening. If Trump had simply done that, we'd have fewer potential terrorists in the U.S. than we do now; Trump failed the USA by proposing crazy bans that will never happen. John and Ken fail the USA by enabling his crazy bans.

Co-host Ken Chiampou made it sound like Trump just said in his initial comments that some rapists were coming over the border. In fact, Trump said of Mexican illegal aliens "and some, I assume, are good people". The opposite of "some" is "many" or "most". In other words, if you understand the English language, you'll realize that Trump was implying that many or most Mexican illegal aliens are NOT "good people". That type of thing just plays into the hands of those who support illegal immigration. It's telling that Trump's defenders have to deceive about what he said: Mike Pence and Andy Dean have also tried to pretend Trump didn't say what he said.

Don't take my word for how these issues should be discussed: see Numbers USA recommending against bashing immigrants and illegal aliens: numbersusa . org/blog/why-we-say-no-immigrant-bashing

We need those like John and Ken and those with national audiences to keep President Trump in check. Obviously, this isn't a good start.