Who refused to help stop President Donald Trump: a list

Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States of America, despite how easy it would have been to stop him. All his loudest opponents had to do was understand what attracted voters to Trump, and then show those voters how incredibly fake he is. Instead, all his loudest opponents could do was in effect help him such as by smearing likely Trump voters or by only opposing Trump over issues that likely Trump voters didn't care about.

Just as President Trump starts out with an enemies list (per Omarosa, "Mr. Trump has a long memory and we’re keeping a list" [1]), I'll start out his reign with lists of my own: those who had the means to stop Trump and who wanted to stop Trump, but were too incredibly incompetent to do it.

The first list is Trump opponents: a list of leading Trump antagonists who completely failed at their job. They obviously tried to stop Trump, and just as obviously they were incapable of doing it despite how incredibly flawed a candidate he was.

The second list is below and it's more concrete. In January, I started the site [site coming soon] , an attempt to get Trump asked tough questions about his policies to his face. What was vitally needed was someone who'd engage Trump in real debate about real issues, and show his supporters that he isn't capable of thinking things through and that his plans would just make things worse. Those listed below were sent a link to the site and could have easily helped make it happen. Their defenders are welcome to falsely claim that discrediting Trump to his fans wouldn't have made a difference. Whether you agree with their spin or not, those listed below failed to come up with a better alternative plan. What they did do obviously failed. Those most culpable are bolded:

2/27/17 UPDATE: I took @rosie - yes, that's Rosie O'Donnell - off the list. She RTed [site coming soon] . She could have helped save the U.S. from Trump if she'd championed the site, but I'll give her credit for the retweet. That's more than I can say for the rest.


[1] thehill . com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/