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Heather Vogell
New York, NY
@ProPublica reporter investigating Trump biz/contributor to podcast Trump, Inc. Tips: DM for Signal/WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber
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From @hvogell
My story on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s request that the district attorney investigate Trump’s property tax & loan i…
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From @Basiljjp1291
@hvogell @WNYC Thank you to @Zeddary for pointing out this article. The fourth paragraph made laugh out loud while waiting for my burger.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Clearly, Trump fans don't care about his taxes & irregularities would make him a hero to most Americans. Heather never has had & never will have any impact on Trump. She doesn't even know where he's weak. MT @Basiljjp1291 @hvogell [Bill de Blasio virtue signals re Trump's taxes]
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From @MakeYourBed1
@ilyamarritz @MaddowBlog @hvogell @NYCMayor @BrianLehrer @ManhattanDA Didn’t Michael Cohen testify to this?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Has Cohen had any impact? Has anything Ilya has ever said had any impact on Trump? Haven't Trump's shenanigans always just helped him? Shouldn't you evaluate what you pay attention to? MT @MakeYourBed1 [didn't Cohen mention this?] MT @ilyamarritz [hypes useless Trump/tax blog]
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From @ilyamarritz
WATCH THIS SPACE >> for Trump Inc, @hvogell found Trump Org likely inflated and deflated property values, dependin…
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From @HCullen98
@ilyamarritz @hvogell @NYCMayor @BrianLehrer @ManhattanDA Investigative journalism will be the ones who will save us!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
You're a hack who's paid to lie, but Ilya isn't doing you any good. He's waving ppl down a fruitless path, ignoring where Trump is truly vulnerable. MT @HCullen98 Investigative journalism will be the ones who will save us! MT @ilyamarritz [hypes worthless Trump tax blog]