Eric Trump thinks a U.S. Senate candidate should be assassinated (Ross Kaminsky, David Duke)

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Speaking with Ross Kaminsky on KHOW radio in Denver, Eric Trump said that a candidate for U.S. Senate in Louisiana "deserve[s] a bullet". The candidate in question is ex-KKK leader David Duke, but that doesn't matter: threatening those who aren't politically convenient for you is straight out of a Central American dictatorship or Saddam Hussein's Iraq (with Eric Trump as Uday Hussein).

The audio is below. The show host Ross Kaminsky said Duke is "a guy that desperately needs a bullet in the head". Eric Trump then said:

"If I said exactly what you said, I'd get killed for it but I think I'll say it anyway. The guy does deserve a bullet. I mean, these aren't good people. These are horrible people."

Since Donald Trump supporters don't have a bridge too far, they'll try to spin this any way they can, up to pretending Eric Trump didn't say what can be heard on the video below. Heaven help us if one of Trump's millions of deranged supporters does what he suggests. Trump supporters will do everything except what they should do: pressure the Trump clan to finally act like they aren't running for a Central American dictatorship.

Want to do something about this? At the least, work to get Kaminsky fired from KHOW and American Spectator where he blogs. This site strongly supports free and open debate, and calling for a political assassination is the complete opposite of that.

AUDIO - Eric Trump on David Duke - ‘ The Guy Does Deserve a Bullet ’