Immigration march organizers have foreign links

1. One of the organizers of the March 24 Georgia boycott was Teodoro Maus, a former Mexican consul general. He was also one of the organizers of the October 7 Atlanta march. That march was led by GA state Senator Sam Zamarripa and GA state representative Pedro Marin, both members of the Democratic Party.

2. Jorge Mujica of the National Alliance for Immigrant Rights was an organizer of the March 10 Chicago march. He's also an official with Mexico's PRD party. Representatives of Mexico's other parties helped organize that and other Chicago marches (Irked Mexicans open alternate consulate). Those who spoke at that march included Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Chicago mayor Richard Daley, and Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, all members of the Democratic Party.

3. The group that organized the March 10 Chicago march first met on [[February 15, 2006]]. The two who convened the meeting were Artemio Arreola (an organizer in a Service Employees International Union local) and Omar Lopez (Chicago Giant put rest of country on notice). Both of those serve on an advisory council to the Mexican president associated with the Institute for Mexicans Abroad ( In April, Lopez spoke out about the ICE show raids of IFCO Systems.

4. Artemio Arreola was also a key organizer of the May 1 Chicago march (Immigrant rights activists gather in Chicago), and the Chicago March 10 Movement, Jorge Mujica, and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights were also involved in organizing that march. The president of the latter organization is Juan Salgado; see the Juan Salgado letter to Vicente Fox. Scheduled speakers included U.S. Senator Barack Obama; U.S. Representatives Rahm Emanuel, Luis Gutierrez, and Jan Schakowsky; and Illinois state Senators Miguel del Valle and Martin Sandoval (Immigrants at crossroads, Barack Obama at May 1 Chicago march). All of those elected officials are members of the Democratic Party, and Sandoval is also a member of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad advisory council.

5. One of the sponsors of one of the May 1 Los Angeles marches was CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles), a group that has allegedly collaborated with the Mexican government. They're also a member of the We Are America Alliance with several other groups. Appeared at a press conference with other groups (Fearing Backlash, Some Immigration Activists Aren't Backing Boycott).

6. The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform is partly funded by the Irish government.