sam zamarripa

Sam Zamarripa

Former Georgia state senator and member of the "nucleus" of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.

Together with fellow GALEO member State Rep. Pedro Marin (D-Duluth), GALEO Executive Director Jerry Gonzalez and Tisha Tallman of MALDEF, was at the front of the October 7 Atlanta march. One of the organizers of that march was Teodoro Maus, a former Mexican consul general.

Serves on the board of the United Americas Bank as a Managing Director and is with Heritage Capital Advisors link.

In at least 2005, served on the board of MALDEF.

Sam Zamarripa Watch: link

Affiliation: Democratic Party

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1. One of the organizers of the March 24 Georgia boycott was Teodoro Maus, a former Mexican consul general. He was also one of the organizers of the October 7 Atlanta march. That march was led by GA state Senator Sam Zamarripa and GA state representative Pedro Marin, both members of the Democratic Party.

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Was originally to be the September 30 Atlanta march but was rescheduled. One of the organizers is Teodoro Maus, a former Mexican consul general.

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[[// press release]]/[[October 29, 2003]] (presumed)

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Mary Lou Pickel/[[October 8, 2006]]/ link About 2,000 people marched near the state Capitol on Saturday, pushing strollers, carrying American flags and calling for legalization of all illegal immigrants (and an end to deportations).

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Many Democratic politicians and pundits supported the recent illegal immigration marches, and some Democratic politicians appeared at some of the rallies or even helped organize some of them. And, some other organizers of the rallies have various kinds of links to the government of Mexico. While that's not enough to claim that the Democratic Party has direct links to the Mexican government, they are clearly part of the same network. And, that should be disturbing to the millions of more moderate members of that party. Here are the current known links:

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Georgia state Senator Sam Zamarripa is a tireless supporter of illegal immigration into that state. A letter [1]from activist DA King to the Secretary of the GA Senate wonders whether he should recuse himself on certain votes: