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Constantin Gurdgiev
Pebble Beach, CA and Dublin, Ireland
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From @GTCost
Stunned to learn that @facebook have banned (and now un-banned) @zerohedge. This was a bizarre mental burp by the E…
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From @GTCost
@facebook @zerohedge + itself. (1) @Facebook cannot claim it stands for free speech, because the ONLY reason one ca…
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From @GTCost
+ an antithesis of free speech. (2) By banning @zerohedge for violation of ‘community rules’, @Facebook de facto eq…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@GTCost: #Facebook could care less about the small amount of opposition to (supposedly) banning zerohedge. Cons have nothing on FB & other companies. They have zero leverage. Cons simply aren't smart enough, not to mention not being sane enough. It's Darwin in action.