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Mexican government

Corrupt, activist government that has a tremendous amount of political power inside the U.S. Mexico receives around $20 billion per year that their citizens who are in the U.S. legally or illegally send home, giving them a financial motivation to encourage "migration" by any means necessary. By sending people north, they also get rid of people who might otherwise remain there and push for reform.

Mexico has power inside the U.S. due to politicians willing to push their agenda; president George W Bush even made a pledge to that government and the people of Mexico that he'd push for comprehensive immigration reform. They're also directly linked to a few U.S. non-profit organizations (such as the ACLU) and indirectly linked to dozens more. Also linked to some of the main organizers of 2006's illegal immigration marches, and that government may have used proxies to agitate their citizens to take to our streets in an attempt to change our laws. Many local bureaucrats are willing to collaborate with them as well, such as by allowing them to pass out their Matricula Consular ID cards on public property. Has conducted at least one advertising campaign inside the U.S. in order to push their agenda, with the assistance of the George W Bush-linked Rob Allyn.

One of the ways they agitate inside the U.S. is through the Institute for Mexicans Abroad, an advisory committee to the Mexican government made up of Mexican partisans who live in the U.S. (including U.S. citizens).

The IME's "Directorio de los Miembros del CCIME 2006 - 2009" is at

Among many others, it includes:

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Trump tells Mex president he's optimistic about amnesty deal; WH doesn't reveal it - 09/16/17

On September 14, Donald Trump spoke on the phone with the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. According to a press release from the Mexican government, Trump expressed "optimism" that Congress would reach a deal on amnesty for DACA recipients. That part of the conversation was conveniently left out of the White House readout on the call. Here's the totality of that readout [1]:

Mexico offers "help" after Hurricane Harvey. What they really mean. - 08/28/17

After Hurricane Harvey has caused widespread devastation in Texas and Houston, the Mexican government has offered to "help" (link):

Donald Trump's big immigration speech - 08/31/16

Donald Trump plans on giving a big immigration speech today, and this text will be replaced with a discussion of all the ways his plans would fail when a transcript is available.

Howard Buffett shouts "Viva Mexico!"; supports amnesty and guest workers; enables illegal immigration; wins Mex. govt award - 12/02/12

That very long title is more than justified since Howard Buffett - son of Warren Buffett - has been very busy supporting very bad immigration policies.

After Sandy, Mexican government helps illegal aliens get U.S. benefits (food stamps, FEMA) - 11/26/12

Claudia Torrens of the Associated Press offers "Immigrants struggle to cope in Sandy's aftermath" ( ). It starts with an acknowledgment that the "immigrants" in the title are in fact actually illegal aliens [1], then - merely as an aside - mentions this:

Mexican president agitates against Arizona immigration law, inside U.S. - 04/26/12

From this: Mexican President Felipe Calderon said Wednesday that U.S. state immigration laws such as that of Arizona, which is fighting for the measure in the U.S. Supreme Court, smack of xenophobia.

Number of students who excel at math: USA 1/4 million; Korea 1/8 million; India 100,000; Mexico 3500 to 6000 - 01/03/12

From the study "Producing superstars for the economic Mundial: The Mexican Predicament with quality of education" by Lant Pritchett and Martina Viarengo (Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, November 19, 2008, PDF at ):

ICIRR, Mexican consulate launch hotline for illegal aliens being deported (Catholic Church, Adler School, NIJC, Raymond Crossman) - 09/19/11

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights has yet another link to the Mexican government: they and a series of other organizations are sponsoring a hotline that illegal aliens who are being deported can call (link).

Mexico, 15 other countries file brief against Alabama immigration law; Mexico/DOJ/ACLU/SPLC/churches all on same side - 08/05/11

The Mexican government and 15 other countries [1] have filed a brief supporting those suing Alabama to block that state's new immigration law.

Latino-Jewish Congressional Caucus forms (AJC, Polis, Wasserman Schultz, Becerra, Baca...) - 06/22/11

The American Jewish Committee and a group of Latino and Jewish Representatives have started the "Latino-Jewish Congressional Caucus" with two basic goals. The first is ensuring Latinos support Israel. The second, per [1] is related to "Latinos, on the other hand, are hoping that well-established Jewish groups will push even harder for immigration reform".

Yolo Sheriff Ed Prieto consults with Mexican government and opposes Secure Communities; "our people" - 06/19/11

In May 2011, Yolo (California) County Sheriff Ed Prieto held a press conference with others [1] expressing his opposition to the Department of Homeland Security's Secure Communities immigration enforcement program.

Mexico, other countries file briefs in ACLU /SPLC suit over Georgia immigration law - 06/16/11

The Mexican government and 10 other countries [1] have filed amicus briefs in a lawsuit that seeks to block Georgia's new immigration law. As previously discussed, three of the far-left groups involved in the suit are directly linked to the Mexican government, making that country's direct involvement just the icing on the cake.

Mexico-linked groups, ACLU, NILC, SPLC, SEIU sue Georgia over Arizona-style immigration law (+ADL, Mexico join) - 06/03/11

A group of far-left, pro-illegal immigration groups are suing Georgia over that state's new Arizona-style immigration law. And, at least three of the groups have direct links to the Mexican government.

513 future illegal aliens were packed in two trucks, thanks to illegal immigration supporters - 05/19/11

The Mexican government recently rescued 513 people who were packed into two tractor-trailers bound for the U.S. where they hoped to cross illegally (link) [1]. Think about that for a second: there was probably more room on most slave ships.

Bush admin was working on North American Union ("integrating" U.S., Canada and Mexico into one community) - 05/06/11

A few years ago, one of the biggest conspiracy theories concerned a North American Union, an attempt to join the U.S., Canada, and Mexico together in some sort of community similar to the EU. An endless series of establishment hacks claimed that there was no such plan and that it was all just a paranoid fantasy.

Utah to start own "guest" worker program, collaborating with Mexican government; Shurtleff; HB466 - 03/02/11

Utah is pushing to start their own state-level guest workers program, and they hope to work with the Mexican government (specifically the state of Nuevo Leon) to do it. This program will almost assuredly reduce wages for Americans in that state, it will probably lead to more illegal immigration (due to the network effect), and it will probably also lead to more mixed status families (i.e., Mexican citizen parents and U.S. citizen children). Their first step is a bipartisan bill (HB466) sponsored by state senator Curt Bramble and state representative [Stephen Sandstrom and promoted by Utah...

Haley Barbour lobbied for Mexican government, now misleads about amnesty - 02/15/11

Mississippi governor Haley Barbour is so bad on immigration that in 2001 he lobbied for the Mexican government on a "mini-amnesty". If you aren't familiar with that government's activities inside the U.S., see that link. Now that his lobbying activities [1] have come to light, he's responded by misleading about amnesty and promoting very bad policies. From a statement he released in response [2]: "Before there can be immigration reform, we must secure our borders. Only after that can any reforms be achieved, and those can’t include amnesty... Everybody knows we are not going to put ten or...

Obama, Democrat, far-left opposition to Arizona immigration law giving comfort to Mexico - 06/23/10

Sara Miller Llana of the Christian Science Monitor lets us know that "Mexico sees silver lining in Arizona immigration law" (link). You might call it giving comfort (if not aid), but that's only because you're an American: From the view south of the border, times could not be worse in terms of America's disregard for Mexico. But a curious thing is happening. Mexicans are also seeing a new level of American discontent percolating over US immigration initiatives, much of it coming from unexpected corners. “I know that there are many Americans for the law, but there are many against it too,”...

Mexican government challenges Arizona immigration law in court (ACLU's suit) - 06/22/10

The Mexican government is now taking legal action against the new Arizona immigration law, filing a brief in support of "Friendly House", the suit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU is also directly collaborating with that government on a related matter; whether this comes as a surprise to them or whether they helped bring it about isn't known. However, it puts the ACLU and other far-left groups, the Mexican government, and the Obama administration all on the same page. From this: A 28-page amicus curiae brief filed in U.S. District Court says that Mexico has a "...

Obama wants $500 million to send National Guard to secure the border (prelude to amnesty) - 05/25/10

Barack Obama wants Congress to allocate $500 million in order to send up to 1200 National Guard troops to the border. Per an unnamed administration official (link): "[The troops will] provide intelligence; surveillance and reconnaissance support; intelligence analysis; immediate support to counternarcotics enforcement; and training capacity until Customs and Border Patrol can recruit and train additional officers and agents to serve on the border... [the funding will be used to] enhance technology at the border, share information and support with state, local, and tribal law enforcement, and...

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden wear anti-Arizona law bracelets at Mexican president's speech - 05/22/10

A couple of days ago, the Democrats in Congress gave Mexican president Felipe Calderon a standing ovation after he criticized the new Arizona immigration law on the House floor. It gets even worse, as shown on this video: Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and no doubt others were wearing rubber bracelets designed to show solidarity against Arizona's law during the Calderon speech. From this earlier story about Rep. Joe Baca (link): As part of his general boycott of Arizona -- which includes his refusal to fly through Phoenix on his weekly trips to and from Washington -- Baca, D-...

Democrats in Congress cheer Mexico's president after he complains about Arizona's immigration law; what to do about it - 05/20/10

In a shocking display earlier today, Democrats in Congress gave Felipe Calderon, president of Mexico, a standing ovation after he criticized the new Arizona immigration law at a joint meeting of Congress:

Obama slams Arizona immigration law at press conference with Mexico's president - 05/19/10

Video of the first part of Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon of Mexico speaking earlier today at the White House is at and the second part is at

Mexican government issues "Travel Alert" for Arizona, in effect supports Arizona's position - 04/27/10

The Mexican government has issued a "Travel Alert" in regards to the new Arizona immigration law; it can currently be found at (the Spanish-language version at [1] appears to say the same thing): In recent days there have been public demonstrations and protests in different cities against the decision of the Governor of the state to sign the law. The events have always been peaceful. It is important to act with prudence and respect local laws. The events haven't all been peaceful; see And, of course, it's rich to hear that government suggest that...

Mexico wants trade sanctions over Oklahoma remittances tax - 04/18/10

From his press release (link): In response to the Mexican government’s efforts to "bully" the people of Oklahoma through a trade war, (Oklahoma) state Rep. Randy Terrill today called for imposing "much tougher sanctions on illegal aliens." "This represents an attempt by a foreign nation to interfere with the sovereign actions of a U.S. state," said Terrill, R-Moore. "We clearly not only have the right, but the responsibility to legislate for the public health, safety, morals and welfare of our citizens – not theirs. ...This week the Mexican House of Representatives passed a resolution...

Gallup: Americans more favorable on Egypt than Mexico; 62% of young favorable on China; more - 02/19/10

Gallup asked Americans whether their "overall opinion" of various countries was favorable or not, and the results are here. First, it needs to be pointed out that asking for someone's opinion of a whole country should be meaningless: is the opinion about their current leadership, what they'd be like if the leadership changed, or what?

Mexican senate unhappy; Obama's bogus border enforcement push not bogus enough - 02/07/10

The article with the translated title "Mexican Senate reproaches U.S. for measures against migrants" appeared in El Sol de Mexico on 2/4/10 and is translated here: The Senate of the Republic (of the Mexican government) approved sending a message to President Felipe Calderon so that he may ask the Government of the United States to reconsider the anti-immigrant measures intended to be taken in the neighboring country’s budget for 2011. All political parties of the Senate reproached the policy change of direction of the American President, Barack Obama, who has decided to go back on the promise...

Mexican consul: Mexicans have "issues that make us not look very good" - 01/22/10

The new Mexican consul general for Dallas, Juan Carlos Cue-Vega, thinks Mexicans need an image makeover (link). He says: "Frankly, we have spoken about the issues that make us not look very good, like celebrations using guns, littering, [being] noisy in the neighborhoods, leaving the kids at home while going to work. These are social and cultural things that we need to change." ... The vast majority of Mexican immigrants are hard workers lured here by jobs, he says, but they don't always think about the responsibilities and behavioral changes that U.S. residency involves. "We have to educate...

The Economist in 2004: "More Mexicans, please" (promoted home loans to illegal aliens) - 12/14/09

I haven't looked into how much of the mortgage mess is due to financial institutions giving mortgages to low-wage workers, including illegal aliens from Mexico; for that, see Steve Sailer. Some but not all of it was, making the June 10, 2004 article from The Economist called "More Mexicans, please" (no author given; a cautionary tale about a) giving in to corruption, and b) trusting The Economist: NATIVISTS in Texas and Arizona may still want to keep Mexicans out of America, but in the mid-west, far from the border, a growing...

Census Bureau collaborating with foreign consuls - 11/10/09

From this: In an effort to allay any fears between the immigrant community and federal authorities, officials with the 2010 Census met with consuls of several Latin American countries to ask for support in their communities to spread the word about the importance of being counted. “It is vital that every person living in the United States takes part to assure accurate representation and funding for vital services”, said Marycarmen Moran, promoter of the 2010 Census, adding that the consuls agreed to do all they can to make the census a success. Those present included, of course,...

ACLU-Mexico partnership calls for nearly open borders; "humanitarian crisis" they helped cause - 09/30/09

In April 2008, the San Diego chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union announced a collaboration with Mexico’s National Commission of Human Rights, a quasi-governmental agency. They've now released a report in which they - surprise - oppose border enforcement and call for what would amount to nearly open borders. The report is entitled "Humanitarian Crisis: Migrant Deaths at the U.S.-Mexico Border", but what they fail to note is the role that they and all others who oppose immigration enforcement have played in those deaths. If the ACLU and other far-left and racial power groups had...

Janet Murguia of NCLR gets Mexican government's highest award for foreigners; Sarukhan promotes Latino voting, participation - 06/08/09

Back on May 5, the Mexican government gave their highest award for foreigners - the "Ohtli Award" - to Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza. That award is basically given to putative Americans who help the government of Mexico push their agenda inside the U.S.; a list of past winners is here. Per Google's accurate translation, those awards: recognize the contribution of the winners to the empowerment of Mexican communities and Mexican-American in United States (que reconocen la contribución de los galardonados al empoderamiento de las comunidades mexicana y mexicano-americana en...

Mexico epidemiology chief: WHO ignored concerns about swine flu for over a week - 05/02/09

From this: Mexico's chief epidemiologist (Dr. Miguel Angel Lezana, director of the National Epidemiology Center) accused the World Health Organization of being slow to respond to the country's warning about a health crisis that turned into a global swine flu scare and called for an investigation. [He] told The Associated Press late Thursday his center alerted the Pan American Health Organization on April 16 about alarming occurrences of flu and atypical pneumonia in Mexico. But no action was taken until eight days later when the World Health Organization said it was "very, very concerned" the...

CA LULAC: U.S.-Mexico border might not be valid; legalize Mexican illegal aliens; wants international arbitration - 04/21/09

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is a considered-mainstream group that in the past has been pandered to by George W Bush, John Kerry, John McCain, and Barack Obama and presented as mainstream by the MSM despite having at least a national treasurer who's an extremist. Now, over to Casey Wian on CNN's Lou Dobbs show (transcript link): WIAN: LULAC claims that 2008 Supreme Court decision in a Texas death penalty case involving a Mexican citizen could render the 1848 border treaty [of Guadalupe Hidalgo] invalid because Congress failed to make the treaty binding on individual...

U.S., Mexico form "working group" on immigration (safe, legal, etc.) - 04/06/09

From this: Mexico and the United States have formed a high-level, joint working group to make immigration safer and more orderly, Mexican officials announced Friday. The working group will focus on making documented migration easier, protecting migrants' rights and improving procedures for repatriating migrants, the Mexican Foreign Relations Department said in a statement. It also will focus on steps to inform the public about the dangers of trying to cross the border without documents. The group was formed through the efforts of Janet Napolitano.

Mexican consul: "We're not demanding amnesty but immigration reform." (travel boycott) - 03/21/09

A group of illegal immigration opponents including the California Coalition for Immigration Reform are passing out fliers encouraging tourists to visit the U.S. southwest instead of Mexico (link). More on the boycott below, but first: [Orange County, CA] Mexican Consul Carlos Rodríguez y Quezada disputes the fliers' claims that Mexico urges amnesty, is violent and is a bad neighbor. "We've always been good friends and good neighbors," he said. "We're not demanding amnesty but immigration reform." 1. Mexico isn't in the position to start "demanding" things, especially something that the vast...

Mexican trucks on U.S. highways program on hold... for now (Ron Kirk) - 03/11/09

From this: The Obama administration will try to reinvent a program to allow Mexican trucks full access to U.S. highways. An 18-month-old pilot program that allowed a few Mexican trucks beyond a border buffer zone died when President Barack Obama signed a sweeping $410 billion government spending bill on Wednesday. The bill barred spending on the pilot program. A spokeswoman for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, Debbie Mesloh, said Obama has told the office to work with Congress, the Transportation and State departments and Mexican officials to come up with legislation to create "a...

Cement: another way stimulus money will flow to China (and Mexico, Canada, Korea...) - 02/08/09

A large part of the stimulus bill will go towards "shovel-ready" infrastructure projects involving heavy construction. And, that's going to require a lot of cement. In 2007, it looks like the U.S. used about 110 million metric tons of portland cement, at the same time as importing almost 23 million metric tons of cement and clinker (Portland Cement Association, link): About 83% of cement and clinker imported in 2007 came from five major countries: China, Canada, Columbia, Mexico, and the Republic of Korea. Imports from China in 2007 declined to 7.5 million metric tons down 41.0% from 2006...

Ill, 88-year-old WWII vet held in Mexican jail on possibly trumped-up charges; anyone seen the feds? - 01/24/09

An 88-year-old World War 2 veteran visited Mexico a couple weeks ago with his grandson and was taking photographs as souvenirs. In one case, he took a photo of two young girls - fully clothed and only neck up - and paid their mother $25 as she asked. Mexican police accused him of engaging in another sort of activity, but there were no questionable photos found on his camera. Now, he and the grandson are stuck in a Mexican prision and he's apparently suffering from pneumonia (link). And, the prosecuting attorney apparently wanted $2000 to make the whole thing go away. While the facts of the...