pedro marin

Pedro Marin

Georgia state representative for Gwinnett and member of the "nucleus" of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.

Together with fellow GALEO member State Sen. Sam Zamarripa (D-Atlanta), GALEO Executive Director Jerry Gonzalez and Tisha Tallman of MALDEF, was at the front of the October 7 Atlanta march. One of the organizers of that march was Teodoro Maus, a former Mexican consul general.

Despite - or perhaps because of - being Puerto Rican, is or was receiving $50,000/year as the Executive Director of Centro Mexicano De Atlanta/The Mexican Center Of Atlanta, Inc. Until a rather interesting restructuring, that Center had been located in the same building as the Atlanta Mexican consulate and had members of that consulate on its board. here, here

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Affiliation: Democratic Party

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Immigration march organizers have foreign links - 08/15/08

1. One of the organizers of the March 24 Georgia boycott was Teodoro Maus, a former Mexican consul general. He was also one of the organizers of the October 7 Atlanta march. That march was led by GA state Senator Sam Zamarripa and GA state representative Pedro Marin, both members of the Democratic Party.

WFMOJALI: Curt Thompson tells illegal aliens to stay in Georgia, get involved - 07/12/07

The fourth installment of "Working for Mexico, or Just Acts like it?" continues with Georgia state senator Curt Thompson, who recently wrote an opinion piece for a Hispanic publication in which he told illegal aliens to remain in his state: they should "stay calm, stay put and get involved". Because he refers to voting and also to "immigrants" - without once using even a euphemism like "undocumented" - it's unclear to whom his remarks are directed exactly.

Latin and political activists of Georgia request to renew migratory debate - 07/11/07

Automatic translation link with an unknown date: State senators exhorted yesterday to hundreds of people who congregated themselves to pronounce themselves in favor of a migratory reform to call to their representatives in Washington and to request their support to them.

Photo Feature: Immigration Reform, many pray, a few protest - 07/11/07

Atlanta Latino/Mario Guevara and Edwin Mesa/[[June 21, 2007]]link: Holding lit candles in their hands more than 10,000 people of different races and nationalities -wearing white T-shirts and united under one cause- stood on Monday afternoon praying in the "Vigil for Comprehensive Immigration Reform."

Atlanta Latina person of the year 2006 nominees - 07/11/07

link: Five years ago Atlanta Latino started looking for the "Person of the Year" each year. This member is characterized for having tirelessly worked- without seeking acknowledgement- to better the lives of Hispanics in Georgia. The nominees are: ...-Frank Figueroa, the former director of Latin American issues of the DeKalb Police Department, for defenting the community against the law SB 529.

October 7 Atlanta march - 10/12/06

Was originally to be the September 30 Atlanta march but was rescheduled. One of the organizers is Teodoro Maus, a former Mexican consul general.

Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials GALEO Is Launched by Leading Georgia Hispanic Representatives - 10/12/06

[[// press release]]/[[October 29, 2003]] (presumed)

Democrats Sam Zamarripa, Pedro Marin at march organized by former Mexican consul - 10/09/06

Yet another illegal immigration march was held on Saturday. This was in Atlanta and only an estimated 2000 people showed up. One of the organizers of the march was a former Mexican consul general. Two local Democratic Party elected officials led the march. This is yet another link between the Democratic Party and the Mexican government or institutions. According to the report "Latinos call for legalization": State Sen.

Latinos call for legalization - 10/08/06

Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Mary Lou Pickel/[[October 8, 2006]]/ link About 2,000 people marched near the state Capitol on Saturday, pushing strollers, carrying American flags and calling for legalization of all illegal immigrants (and an end to deportations).

Pedro Marin has American challenger - 07/11/06

Despite being a Puerto Rican and a member of the Georgia house, Pedro Marin has some questionable associations with the Mexican government.

Links between the Democratic Party and the Mexican government - 04/22/06

Many Democratic politicians and pundits supported the recent illegal immigration marches, and some Democratic politicians appeared at some of the rallies or even helped organize some of them. And, some other organizers of the rallies have various kinds of links to the government of Mexico. While that's not enough to claim that the Democratic Party has direct links to the Mexican government, they are clearly part of the same network. And, that should be disturbing to the millions of more moderate members of that party. Here are the current known links:

Mexican agents in the state houses? Part 2 - 08/10/04

Almost six months ago I blogged about Georgia Rep. Pedro Marin and his ties to the non-profit Mexican Center of Atlanta. The Mexican Center had had ties to the Mexican consulate before Marin was selected to be their director. That job paid him $50,000 per year. However, before he was hired the Center moved out of the Mexican consulate's offices and appeared to have disolved its links to the Mexican consulate. A couple months ago, the Georgia State Ethics Commission declared that everything was on the up and up.

Mexican agents in the state houses? - 02/28/04

FoxNews recently published 'Georgia Latinos Object to 'Illegal Aliens' Label': Each year, nearly 1 million foreigners unlawfully sneak into the United States. But don't call them "illegal aliens" because that's the moral equivalent of a racial slur, according to the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials. "We do find that term very offensive and liken it to the 'n' word as well," GALEO Executive Director Kerry Gonzalez said... I like Fox's tone.

"Another push to give illegals a driver's license" - 02/08/04

From this: There's another effort underway under the gold dome to allow illegal immigrants to get a Georgia driver's license. A similar bill died last year. State Representative Barbara Mobley of Decatur authored the current bill which she said would just allow people who contribute to the state's economy to get to work... "For homeland security we have to have the community accounted for.