Artemio Arreola

A school custodian, executive board member of the Service Employees International Union Local 73, and official with [[Casa Michoacan]]. Serves on the Institute for Mexicans Abroad, an advisory council to Mexico's president.

Called a "leading figure in the March 10 Movement that opposes [[S2611]]." (Immigrant rights activists gather in Chicago)

Called a "key rally organizer" of the [[May 1 Chicago march]] (Barack Obama at May 1 Chicago march). And, called a "key march organizer" of the same march (Immigrants at crossroads).

The first meeting of what became the [[March 10 Movement]] was held at [[Casa Michoacan]] on February 15 and convened by Arreola and by Omar Lopez. Both serve on the Institute for Mexicans Abroad. (Chicago Giant put rest of country on notice)

"After the massive March 10 protest in Chicago, Arreola took a six-month leave from his job to organize around immigrant rights full time, with 'the SEIU agreeing to pay his base salary." (Organizing the new movement)

Mentioned in Juan Salgado letter to Vicente Fox

Interview with Jose Artemio Arreola