teodoro maus

Teodoro Maus

A former Mexican consul general, now agitating illegal aliens from Mexico inside the U.S.

One of the organizers of the March 24 Georgia boycott and the October 7 Atlanta march.

Leader or member with [[Coordinating Council of Community Leaders]]

Planning for the September 30 Atlanta march (rescheduled to the October 7 Atlanta march).

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Kate Brumback doesn't reveal Georgia immigration boycott organizer is former Mexican consul general (Associated Press, HB87) - 07/01/11

The Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights ("GLAHR") is organizing a boycott in Georgia tomorrow to protest that state's new immigration law.

Mexico-linked groups, ACLU, NILC, SPLC, SEIU sue Georgia over Arizona-style immigration law (+ADL, Mexico join) - 06/03/11

A group of far-left, pro-illegal immigration groups are suing Georgia over that state's new Arizona-style immigration law. And, at least three of the groups have direct links to the Mexican government.

Another immigration legalization rally held in Atlanta - 01/06/10

Associated Press/Harry Weber/[[October 7, 2006]]/ link ...Six months after 50,000 immigrants and their supporters marched in downtown Atlanta to protest legislation that cracks down on illegal immigrants, the same organizers rallied with a much smaller but similarly vocal crowd...."We want to open the door," said one of the pro immigration rally organizers, Teodoro Maus, 'former Mexican consul in Atlanta. "How they do it is a matter of negotiation." Maus had harsh words for the small group of protesters with their bullhorns telling them to get out of the U.S.' "I think they are xenophobic,"...

Immigration march organizers have foreign links - 08/15/08

1. One of the organizers of the March 24 Georgia boycott was Teodoro Maus, a former Mexican consul general. He was also one of the organizers of the October 7 Atlanta march. That march was led by GA state Senator Sam Zamarripa and GA state representative Pedro Marin, both members of the Democratic Party.

Illegal immigration marches: May 1, 2008 - 05/01/08

This year's marches for "immigrant rights" - i.e., to give rights to illegal aliens to which they aren't entitled - were much less attended and made much less of an impact than those in 2006.

Latin and political activists of Georgia request to renew migratory debate - 07/11/07

Automatic translation link with an unknown date: State senators exhorted yesterday to hundreds of people who congregated themselves to pronounce themselves in favor of a migratory reform to call to their representatives in Washington and to request their support to them.

Photo Feature: Immigration Reform, many pray, a few protest - 07/11/07

Atlanta Latino/Mario Guevara and Edwin Mesa/[[June 21, 2007]]link: atlantalatino.com/detail.php?id=7701 Holding lit candles in their hands more than 10,000 people of different races and nationalities -wearing white T-shirts and united under one cause- stood on Monday afternoon praying in the "Vigil for Comprehensive Immigration Reform."

Curt Thompson Teodoro Maus press conference article - 07/11/07

From lavisionnewspaper . com ID 5234 Li­deres afro americanos y latinos repudian comentarios de Perdue (Monday, 18 September 2006) - ATLANTA. Latinos, blackleaders assail Perdue's immigration remark

Atlanta Latina person of the year 2006 nominees - 07/11/07

link: atlantalatino.com/detail.php?id=6813 Five years ago Atlanta Latino started looking for the "Person of the Year" each year. This member is characterized for having tirelessly worked- without seeking acknowledgement- to better the lives of Hispanics in Georgia. The nominees are: ...-Frank Figueroa, the former director of Latin American issues of the DeKalb Police Department, for defenting the community against the law SB 529.

Governor criticized for immigration remarks - 07/11/07

Gwinnett Daily Post Dave Williams September 19, 2006 gwinnettdailypost . com/index.php?s=&url_channel_id=1&url_article_id=19482&url_subchannel_id=&change_well_id=2

Pro immigrant activists lobby against pending immigration bills - 03/29/07

Associated Press/[[March 29, 2007]]/ link A handful of pro-immigrant activists lobbied at the Capitol Thursday morning ([[March 29, 2007]]) against a smattering of bills aimed at cracking down on those in the country illegally, a marked contrast from the massive street demonstrations that accompanied the state's sweeping immigration legislation last year.

Latinos speak out against Cherokee County ordinance - 12/01/06

Atlanta Latino/Eugenia Miranda/[[November 30, 2006]]/ link Hispanic and non-Hispanic Cherokee County residents, Latino community leaders, lawyers, religious groups and corporate representatives showed up to voice their opinions about an ordinance that would keep undocumented residents from renting apartments or homes in Cherokee County.

October 7 Atlanta march - 10/12/06

Was originally to be the September 30 Atlanta march but was rescheduled. One of the organizers is Teodoro Maus, a former Mexican consul general.

Groups demand Perdue retract immigration statements - 10/12/06

Associated PressDorie Turner September 18, 2006 ajc . com/metro/content/metro/stories/2006/09/18/2006/09/18/0918immigration.html

5,000 expected at immigration walk - 10/07/06

Atlanta Journal-Constitution//Mary Lou Pickel/September 29, 2006/[1] The previous September 30 march has been rescheduled for October 7. They're demanding legalization for all illegal aliens, an end to deportations, and they're protesting against GA's SB 529. Organizers expect 5,000 people to attend a walk for dignity and self-respect for immigrants Oct. 7 from the state Capitol to Turner Field and back.

Immigration rally urges reform, voting - 10/07/06

[[September 08, 2006]]/Birmingham News/Toraine Norris/ link Reports on a small rally featuring "50 immigrants and their supporters" on [[September 7, 2006]] at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama.

Latino leaders plan immigration rally Sept 30 - 10/07/06

[[September 19, 2006]]/Mary Lou Pickel/AJC/ link Reports on the September 30 Atlanta march. Reports that "Latino community leaders and immigration advocates" are planning a march for Saturday, [[September 30, 2006]]. They'll be marching from CNN to the Georgia State Capitol.

Dorie Turner/AP ignores Teodoro Maus affiliation (Georgia, Perdue) - 09/19/06

Last week, Georgia governor Sonny Perdue said the following: "It is simply unacceptable for people to sneak into this country illegally on Thursday, obtain a government-issued ID on Friday, head for the welfare office on Monday and cast a vote on Tuesday."

March 24 Georgia boycott - 09/03/06

One of the organizers was Teodoro Maus, a former Mexican consul general. From Immigration rallies draw thousands nationwide 3/14/06, Associated Press:

Immigration march organizers have foreign links - 09/01/06

Many of those who attended the recent immigration marches are foreign citizens who are here illegally. But, it doesn't stop there. For instance, one rally organizer is a former Mexican consul general and another is an official with a Mexican political party. Not surprisingly, the MSM has barely mentioned such links. The reader is strongly encouraged to contact media sources and suggest that instead of simply reporting what goes on at future marches they do some journalism and look into any links between organizers and foreign governments or institutions.

Links between the Democratic Party and the Mexican government - 04/22/06

Many Democratic politicians and pundits supported the recent illegal immigration marches, and some Democratic politicians appeared at some of the rallies or even helped organize some of them. And, some other organizers of the rallies have various kinds of links to the government of Mexico. While that's not enough to claim that the Democratic Party has direct links to the Mexican government, they are clearly part of the same network. And, that should be disturbing to the millions of more moderate members of that party. Here are the current known links:

Former Mexican consul organized the Georgia boycott - 04/03/06

Welcome readers of the Washington Post's "Town's-Eye View of Immigration Debate" (link). There are a few things missing from that report, the most important being that the boycott the WaPo mentions was organized by a former Mexican Consul General. The WaPo's Peter Slevin says: Proponents of more generous accommodations for illegal immigrants staged a one-day economic boycott on March 24 that shuttered businesses and boosted morale. Did Slevin know who was involved in that boycott? Shouldn't he had mentioned it if he knows?

Georgia illegal aliens protest organized by former Mexican consul - 03/24/06

[See the first update for more] Tim Molloy of the AP offers a roundup of the recent protest by illegal aliens who are demanding rights to which they aren't entitled in the falsely-titled "Immigration Rallies Draw Thousands Nationwide". It contains the following: Teodoro Maus, an organizer of the Georgia protest, estimated as many as 80,000 Hispanics did not show up for work. Molloy or his editors are apparently too shy to tell us that Maus isn't just a member of the "Coordinating Committee of Community Leaders". He's also a former Mexican consul. As with other professions, whether anyone...