US Chamber of Commerce to "pull out all the stops" for immigration amnesty

The US Chamber of Commerce has always been a strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform and high immigration in general. Now they plan to turn up the heat, spending money on candidates that agree with their stance and on "grass-roots lobbying".

If you want to do something to counteract their efforts, it's actually not that difficult. On Twitter, look up leading liberal pundits and lower-level liberal politicians that support amnesty. Then, look up who they talk to or who talk to them, and ask them why those liberal leaders are on the same side of such a vital issue as the US Chamber. Everyone can figure out why the US Chamber is doing what they're doing: their members want to lower their wages rates and increase their customer base, no matter the impact on the U.S.

Ask why - just to pull one name out of a hat - Katrina vanden Heuvel is helping the U.S. Chamber of Commerce achieve their goals. Why isn't she fighting the US Chamber's quest for ever-cheaper labor? Tie everything those liberal leaders do to support immigration reform to the U.S. Chamber: correctly portray them as politically aligned.

There are a lot talking points you might hear in response, so see that link for the answers. If enough people do that, it might cause some liberal leaders to step aside on the issue or at least support it less urgently. And, that will send a message up the hierarchy

From [1]

The president of the US Chamber of Commerce says the nation's biggest business lobby intends to "pull out all the stops" to pass an overhaul of immigration laws. That would place the chamber on the side of President Barack Obama on one of the White House's top legislative priorities of the year.

"We're determined to make 2014 the year that immigration reform is finally enacted," Chamber President Tom Donohue said Wednesday, during his annual "State of American Business" address.

Donohue cast his organization as both an ally and an adversary of the administration on Wednesday. He indicated support for Obama's stance on immigration and also the president's push for global trade agreements.

From [2]:

“We’re determined to make 2014 the year that immigration reform is finally enacted. The chamber will pull out all the stops — through grass-roots lobbying, communications, politics and partnerships with unions, faith organizations, law enforcement and others,” Donohue said in a speech at the chamber’s Washington, D.C., headquarters.

...the immigration overhaul has been a priority of top business groups and their lobbying arms — as well as organized labor and Democratic activists.

“I’ve been encouraged by a lot of the noise and soundings out of the House,” Donohue said at a news conference after the speech. “I’m not discouraged.”

From [3]:

Donohue said the group is prepared to spend heavily to ensure lawmakers pass pro-business measures in an election year when it's often hard to enact any laws, much less controversial bills such as immigration.

"We hope to turn that assumption on its ear by turning the upcoming elections into a motivator for change," Donohue said. "It's based on a simply theory: If you can't make them see the light, then as least make them feel some heat."

Rob Engstrom, who oversees the chamber's political operations, would not disclose the group's budget but said the chamber planned to exceed what it spent on House and Senate races in 2012.

...Donohue said the business group is looking at "half a dozen" House and Senate races involving primaries or open seats to aid candidates who agree with the chamber's positions on the economy, trade, immigration and other issues.

Please don't just move on after reading this post. Even if just a few dozen people spend a little time each day doing what's described at the top of this post, it will send a message.

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