Nancy Pelosi says Trump told her he'd sign the anti-American DREAM Act

From [1]:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that President Trump agreed to sign into law a measure shielding young undocumented immigrants from deportation if it's passed by lawmakers.

"We made it very clear in the course of the conversation that the priority was to pass the DREAM Act, that we wanted to do it in - obviously it has to be bipartisan," Pelosi told reporters. "The president said he would - he supports that. He would sign it."

Pelosi said she spoke to Trump on the phone Thursday morning, and during the call asked him to tweet a reassurance to young undocumented immigrants brought to the country illegally as children that they would not be deported in the next six months.

Soon after, the president tweeted that DACA recipients have "nothing to worry about."

The DREAM Act is an anti-American bill that would not only harm American workers and American students, but it would also harm the people of Mexico. See that link for extensive discussions of the harm it would do.

The patriotic choice would be a voluntary repatriation program, with the assistance of the Mexican government. They've already indicated they'd take DREAMers back, and if Trump were smart and patriotic he'd take advantage of that.

Instead, he's colluding with Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer on amnesty.

There are two basic possibility for Trump supporters:

1. Pelosi is telling the truth and Trump is sincere about signing an amnesty bill. If a Trump supporter thinks that signing amnesty is "12th dimensional chess", then they're an amnesty supporter. If they're a well-known Trump supporter or a Trump proxy, then they can be discredited to their base as amnesty supporters. The only out for Trump supporters in this case is to fiercely and wholeheartedly oppose Trump pushing amnesty. Anything less than that is the same as supporting amnesty.

2. Pelosi is lying and Trump doesn't really support amnesty. That flies in the face of all the hints Trump has given that he supports amnesty, but no one ever said Trump supporters are willing to face reality. Simply ignoring this issue is very foolish since there's the possibility that Trump is in fact an amnesty supporter. If Trump's just playing a game with the Democrats, then they'll have turned out to be right. However, as a precaution, Trump supporters have to oppose amnesty fiercely and wholeheartedly, just in case Trump does try to sign a bill. By the time a bill is headed to his desk would be too late.

In either case, if a Trump supporter doesn't go to wall right now to stop amnesty, then they are in effect amnesty supporters and can be discredited to anyone trust them.

[1] thehill · com/homenews/house/349634-pelosi-trump-says-that-he-would-sign-the-dream-act-if-it-passed