Latest Greg Sargent, Simon Rosenberg deception: pass amnesty to stop kids crossing the border

Imagine the sleaziest used car salesman you can, someone who'd tell you a rusty hole in the top of a car is a sunroof.

Greg Sargent of the Washington Post and Simon Rosenberg of the New Democratic Network are a lot like that.

The used car salesman will say anything to sell a car, and Sargent and Rosenberg will say anything to sell amnesty.

The latest example is Sargent's "Care about minors crossing border? Then pass immigration reform now!" ( ) in which he and Rosenberg claim that passing comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty) would send a message to those in Central America that they shouldn't try to come here illegally. Because, according to Sargent and Rosenberg, that will send the message that new arrivals will "never" be legalized.

Sargent writes:

In the days ahead, you may see Dems amplify this case. Simon Rosenberg of the New Democrat Network, who has been working on this issue for a decade, offers this simple explanation for why the crisis is an argument for action:

That's followed by this quote from Rosenberg:

“If Congress wants to help solve the border migrants crisis, the single most consequential thing it could do would be to pass the Senate immigration bill or something similar in the House. Nothing else would do as much to clear up the confusion in Central America about how our system works or do as much to make clear that recent arrivals will not be able to stay under some form of future legalization. Congress will have spoken with a loud and clear voice, making it near impossible for criminal elements south of the border to exploit our current inadequate system for their own ends.”

That's not the way things work. Any form of mass legalization will give even more power to the very people and groups that currently oppose immigration enforcement and that oppose sending "Unaccompanied Alien Children" home immediately. For instance, the National Council of La Raza and other groups will gain a tremendous amount of power. No one in their right mind thinks the NCLR is going to do a 180 and support the very laws they currently try to undercut. The very day after comprehensive immigration reform passes, the NCLR and other groups will begin lobbying to legalize a whole new group of illegal aliens (such as UACs who arrived after December 2011).

Mass legalization will certainly "clear up the confusion in Central America about how our system works": it will send the message that we're in the habit of declaring amnesty every couple of decades or so. It will send the message that there are people like Sargent and Rosenberg who want amnesty and who'll work to undercut enforcement and who'll work for future amnesties.

Amnesty will tie up parts of the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies with adminstering the program, and resources might have to be shifted from enforcement operations to processing paperwork. That will increase the likelihood that someone could come here illegally and remain under the radar long enough to take part in future amnesties.

There are ways to reduce the flow of UACs: spread the message in Central America that those who come here will be deported immediately and in general strictly enforce our immigration laws. Neither Sargent nor Rosenberg have much interest in that: they just want amnesty and are willing to say anything to get it no matter how ludicrous it is.

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