Leslie Marshall's Thanksgiving plea for immigration reform isn't a satire

Many see Thanksgiving as a way to push their high immigration agenda, but few are as ludicrous as a piece from talk show host, Fox News contributor, and US News columnist Leslie Marshall. If I didn't know she was serious, I'd think her "Thanksgiving Reminds Us Why We Need Immigration Reform" column ( peekURL.com/zfXDNjA ) was satire:

I was blessed to have been born here. Those people [illegal aliens] chose to come here. And although I do not agree with breaking the law, how many of us would have done the same? How many of you would cross a border illegally to find work to put a roof over your family's head? To put food in your child's mouth? I would.

And are these people the only ones to blame? Aren't the United States government and all the politicians to blame for allowing them to come here and to stay for so long? Aren't the companies that dangled the carrot of a job to blame for drawing them here? And what about our messaging? Pictures of Lady Liberty in the harbor, yet waiting lists of decades to enter? You can't keep telling people your streets are paved with gold, that you're the land of opportunity, the home of the free and the brave, the strongest, the best, etc. and not expect people to want to partake! Isn't it like putting a cookie jar in front of a child and telling them of the sweetness that lies within!?

A new poll shows that 63 percent of Americans support providing a pathway to citizenship for these people. And those people come from different races, religions, backgrounds and even political parties. Isn't it time we make immigration reform a priority?

1. Part of Marshall's first paragraph is reminiscent of Dick Armey or Obama parroting George W. Bush. As a liberal, perhaps Marshall should avoid parroting Dick Armey and George W. Bush.

2. There are over five billion people poorer than Mexicans around the world, and none of them are lucky enough to have a land border with the U.S. Where's Marshall's compassion for them? Obviously, the solution to poverty isn't for people to come here, but instead to build up other countries. Marshall is making that less likely: she'd give the Mexican government a safety valve rather than forcing them to take care of their own people.

3. The second paragraph above is where it's hard to tell whether Marshall is serious or not. Unfortunately, she is and she'd continue to make things worse. Rather than fighting against corrupt politicians and businesses who've encouraged or enabled illegal immigration, she'd reward them. Under comprehensive immigration reform illegal aliens will supposedly have to pay fines and jump through other hoops. But, businesses that have knowingly hired illegal labor and politicians that have taken donations to look the other way on illegal immigration will get a full amnesty, thanks in part to those like Marshall.

4. The Public Religion Research Institute immigration poll Marshall references deceives, see the link.

Please take a moment to look up fans of @LeslieMarshall and make the points above to them.