Which Republicans will vote for John McCain's "Edward M. Kennedy immigration bill"?

On March 28 [5], John McCain accepted a "Lifetime Achievement Award" [1] from the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and said the following [2]:

"when immigration reform passes I will make sure it is forever called the Edward M. Kennedy immigration bill"

Let's give Senator McCain his wish: call any sort of proposed comprehensive immigration reform bill that contains a mass legalization component the Edward M. Kennedy immigration bill. Contact sympathetic representative and ask them to sponsor an amendment giving it that name. Then, dare any Republicans to vote for the Edward M. Kennedy immigration bill.

In addition to that, McCain said [3]:

"Arizona might be the only state in the Union where mothers don't tell their children they can be President of the United States."

And [4]:

"I will never ever ever ever as long as I am breathing stop before immigration reform is passed."

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[2] twitter . com/bennyjohnson/statuses/449343415973838848 per the same source, McCain was serious.
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[5] This post was originally posted on March 28 and referred to "yesterday". Due to a server move, this post had to be reposted.