Ask Reince Priebus this very basic immigration question he doesn't realize he raised (RNC chairman)

This site has covered politicians saying some dumb things, and the following quote from RNC chairman Reince Priebus ranks right up there (link):

"We need comprehensive immigration reform. I don't think we can continue to drift along with this mess of immigration laws that we have. And a mess that in many regards has been the results of our government not even enforcing the laws that are in place. There is plenty of blame to go around for why we are in this position, but I think it's about time that we address it."

As Priebus correctly notes, the government tends not to enforce our immigration laws to the degree that they could and should. His solution? Pass new laws.

That's like painting over a rusty bumper, thinking it will make the bumper like brand new.

Certainly shady used car dealers have been known to try that trick. The question here is whether Reince Priebus is like a shady car dealer, or whether he's incapable of figuring out that the underlying problem of the government not enforcing our laws has to be fixed before considering any new laws. Because, politicians will just ignore the new laws if they get in the way of the mass immigration they want for various reasons.

Please get on to Twitter right now (or any time while Priebus is still heading the RNC) and ask him if he's like a shady car dealer or just can't figure out the problem with his comment: @Reince.

Leave any response you receive in comments below or send it to @24AheadDotCom_ . For extra credit, look up those who talk with @Reince and ask them if they know the answer to the question.