Darrell Issa to introduce mass immigration legalization plan for illegal aliens ("halfway" means full amnesty)

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GOP Rep. Darrell Issa plans to introduce ( peekURL.com/zWHTfwc ) a plan that would legalize most illegal aliens in the U.S. for a period of six years. They'd be granted a temporary visa and the supposed goal of the six year period would be to sort them into various categories such as those who want to become citizens, those who want to join guest workers programs, and so on.

Not only would any type of mass legalization be very bad for the U.S. for various reasons, but Issa's plan wouldn't work as he pretends it would. The Democratic Party would work to undercut the six year period in various ways: lengthening it, reducing any restrictions, and so on. At the same time, the GOP would be what they are now: too weak and too corrupt to do anything about such changes. The media would do the same sales job they do now, trying to convince the GOP that opposing any changes would cost them at the ballot box.

Issa's six year period and most other restrictions would be washed away, and most of those admitted to the program would eventually be able to become citizens if they wanted to. Issa says his plan is "halfway - and it always has been - halfway between full amnesty and simply rejecting people." That's not how it would end up.

Bringing undocumented immigrants out "of the shadows" would also help the government identify undocumented immigrants with a criminal background, who would be deported from the United States, Issa said.

“If somebody has a nexus that would reasonably allow them to become permanent residents and American citizen, we should allow them to do that,” Issa said. He added: “Our view is that long before six years, people would be in those categories heading toward some other pathway, in a guest worker program, or of course, have left the country.”

It won't work that way and in fact it will probably encourage even more people to try to come here illegally either to get in to Issa's program with bogus documentation, or in hopes of receiving the next amnesty.

The only question is whether Issa isn't smart enough to realize what would happen, or if he knows what would happen and he's intentionally trying to deceive people.

Want to do something about this? Look up anyone who supports @DarrellIssa and point out to them how his plan wouldn't work as Issa claims.