Trump wants to work with Dems on "comprehensive immigration reform" (i.e., amnesty)

Donald Trump has come out yet again in support of amnesty. The latest is in an interview with Daily Caller [1] where he says he's eager to work with Democratic Party leaders on "comprehensive immigration reform" (a euphemism for amnesty). See the last link for the huge downsides of what Trump wants.

I've known for over three years that, on immigration, Trump is George W Bush with a Queens accent. He talks tough on border security in order to get what Big Business and Dem leaders want: mass legalization for millions of illegal aliens.

Trump fans haven't caught on yet. They're lulled by talk of Trump "Wall", even though Congress will simply neglect or tear down what little of it ever gets built. If Trump gets his way, we'll get all of the amnesty and little of the enforcement (just as with the 1986 amnesty).

In the interview, Trump was asked "What about immigration, sir? Are you willing to shut down the government if you don’t get a certain set of policies?"

Trump responded with these Queeg-like ramblings (bolding added):

I may be. I may be. I'll have to see how it plays out. But I may very well be willing to shut down the government.

I think it's horrible what's happening and, you know, building the wall, it's in smaller stages, we can build it very quickly. I'm building the wall in smaller stages and we moved the military there, we put up barbed wire, we did all sorts of things. You have to have a barrier. You have to have a barrier.

Look, we have a chance of, they can do presidential harassment, put very simply, and I'll be very good at handling that and I think I'll be better than anybody in the history of this office. And in a certain way I look forward to it because I actually think it's good for me politically, because everyone knows it's pure harassment. Just like the witch hunt, the Mueller witch hunt. It's pure harassment. It's horrible. It's horrible that they're allowed to get away with it.

Again, not Senate confirmed but, you know. You have 17 people — half, many of them worked for Hillary Clinton, some on the Foundation. The Hillary Clinton Foundation. I mean, you think of it.

So, I think we'll do very well if they want to play the presidential harassment game. If they play the presidential harassment game I don't think anything's going to be done 'cause why would I do that, okay? If they want to get things done I think it will be fantastic, I think we can get a lot done.

I think we can almost get more done because they're gonna want to prove something, too. So if they wanna do health care, we can do health care. There a very good fixes to health care that could solve a lot of problems. We've really, you know, terminated a lot of the Obamacare, as it was referred to. But we could do a new health care bill that would be fantastic that could take everybody's — that could incorporate good pieces of everybody's good ideas.

So there's a chance at that, there's a great chance at comprehensive immigration reform. If they wanna do it, they wanna do it, they wanna do it right. And there's a good chance at doing things that maybe you couldn't do.

Don't forget, I didn't really have a majority. I had one senator. And I had a few Republicans in the House. You know, a very small number. Um, and now the pressure's on them because they've gotta come to me with things.

Hey, the beauty is, and I've said this, you heard me at the news conference, I don't know if you agree with me - let's say I won with two Republicans or three. I'd have to make deals with Republicans. I'd have guys coming to me, you know, out of that group there'll be people. Let's not say they're good or bad but they're people: ‘well I don't want to do this.' Well, I'm gonna have three or more. I mean, literally, unless I had like a 25 majority, you know, something substantial, they would come to me and they would say, ‘well, I don't like it.' You wouldn't even be able to get something through there. It would be too close.

Where I am now, when they have a small majority, I can sit back and say, ‘hey.' And the beauty is when it gets passed, when we pass things, we'll get it passed in the Senate, which now we can't because we need 10 Democrat votes. Because we'll have Democrats and I'll be able to get enough Republicans to pass.

But the beauty is, the beauty is that we actually have something that can work much better than it worked before, because before it was politically very difficult for a lot of people.

After that, interviewers Saagar Enjeti, Benny Johnson and Amber Athey didn't call Trump on supporting amnesty but just moved on to another topic.

Whether you oppose amnesty or not, you can use the interview to undercut Trump and his enablers:

  • Tweet @esaagar, @bennyjohnson, or @amber_athey and ask them when they'll ask Trump about the huge downsides of the amnesty he supports.
  • Look up their fans and point out to them they didn't call Trump on supporting amnesty.
  • Use Trump's pro-amnesty stance to undercut Trump to his supporters.
  • Use Trump's stance against Trump proxies: force them to choose between supporting Trump wholeheartedly and being known forevermore as amnesty supporters.

[1] dailycaller · com/2018/11/14/transcript-trump-daily-caller-interview