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Discussed in (click each link for the full post): *does* support immigration reform and mass legalization; how their plan would fail (secureamericanow . us) - 06/17/13

According to previous reports, the TheTeaParty dot net organization supported some form of mass legalization for illegal aliens. See this and this for the backstory.

Questions for Kelly Ayotte about comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty, New Hampshire) - 06/09/13

New Hampshire senator Kelly Ayotte comes out for comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty) in an OpEd entitled "Why I'm backing legislation to fix our broken immigration system" [1].

Human Rights Watch: let criminals stay and come back for amnesty (Grace Meng, immigration) - 06/05/13

Just how uninterested in immigration enforcement is the far-left? For a data point, over to "Don't deport all criminal immigrants" by Grace Meng of Human Rights Watch (bolding added) [1]: supports immigration reform, secretly met with Jeb Bush (Herman Cain, Home Depot, Teaparty Express, TPNN) - 05/17/13

Over three years ago I asked if the Teaparty movement will stumble us into amnesty, and before then I pointed out that supporters of amnesty include those in the Teaparty sphere.

Tea Party fake patriots to help Marco Rubio push amnesty (immigration, Tea Party Express, TheTeaParty.Net, Norquist) - 05/07/13

From this: Several conservative activists and tea party group leaders are meeting with Sen. Marco Rubio Tuesday afternoon to discuss immigration reform, including a list of what they support – and don’t. In a draft of their seven principles, obtained by POLITICO, the groups make no calls for a ban on “amnesty” – a longtime rallying cry of conservatives grassroots groups.

Marco Rubio admits amnesty supporters will fight amnesty's "tough" enforcement provisions, but has no plan - 05/03/13

Marco Rubio admits that those who know support amnesty will fight the "tough" enforcement provisions in amnesty if it passes, but he has no plan to counter-act them. From this (bolding added):

Senate immigration bill information hub: read full text and comment (S.744, Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013) - 04/17/13

This is the central hub for information on S.744, the "Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013". That's the "Gang of Eight" immigration bill from Marco Rubio, Charles Schumer, and others.

Deceptive: Marco Rubio Pretends States Will Enforce Immigration Laws - 04/15/13

On the video below, Marco Rubio pretends that - if the Department of Homeland Security doesn't secure the border as promised under amnesty - states will be allowed to step in. Hasn't he heard of Arizona? The Democrats and others have fought tooth and nail for years to prevent states from enforcing immigration laws. Does anyone in their right mind think they wouldn't do the same this time?

In a bid for votes, Ted Poe now supports amnesty for illegal aliens (Texas, immigration) - 04/11/13

Rep. Ted Poe (see the link) - vice chairman of the House immigration subcommittee - has now switched sides and supports comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty.

More reasons Robert Reich isn't credible on immigration (amnesty, legalization, unions) - 04/02/13

Robert Reich has a distinguished title - "Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley". Yet, on immigration, he keeps showing that either he can't figure things out, or he's willing to let political concerns take precedence over figuring things out. His latest Tumblr is "Why the AFL-CIO Is Embracing Immigration Reform" (robertreich . org/post/46955871646). What he's not telling you and why he's wrong will be discussed after the quote (bolding added):

Supporters of Rand Paul's immigration amnesty for illegal aliens: Justin Amash, Mick Mulvaney, Thomas Massie, Jeff Duncan, Trey Radel, and Mark Meadows - 03/28/13

On March 21, six self-styled conservative congressmen sent Rand Paul a letter supporting his amnesty plan and coming up with what they term a "three-legged stool of systemic immigration reform".

Tea Party leaders stand with Rand Paul on amnesty for illegal aliens (Jenny Beth Martin, Sal Russo, Matt Kibbe, Freedomworks) - 03/21/13

Three Tea Party leaders have now indicated that they support or won't oppose Rand Paul's plan to legalize almost all illegal aliens in the U.S. That plan would fail miserably and it isn't in any way conservative. The three leaders are:

Crazy Rand Paul fully supports amnesty, misleading, Hispandering, and reading poetry to do it - 03/19/13

Earlier today, Kentucky senator Rand Paul gave a pro-amnesty speech at the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that in some ways is even more shocking and more crazy than the pro-amnesty speeches George W Bush gave. In addition to being borderline nuts, Paul misleads and uses a string of pro-amnesty talking points just like his dad.

RNC's Bush-linked Growth and Opportunity Project: GOP is "scary" to voters, must pass amnesty, Caring Conservatism - 03/18/13

Who better to solve the GOP's demographic problems then acolytes of the people who created the problem in the first place?

Ted Cruz is weak on amnesty (legalizing illegal aliens; comprehensive immigration reform) - 03/15/13

Texas senator Ted Cruz is presented as America's Top Conservative, yet he's very weak on what most people would call amnesty. First, it's necessary to define terms: this site uses "amnesty" as a shorthand for any form of mass legalization of illegal aliens whether it includes a "path to citizenship" or not.

How is Gene Sperling misleading on economics and immigration reform? - 03/13/13

At the White House blog, Obama economic advisor Gene Sperling offers the highly misleading post "The Economic Case for Commonsense Immigration Reform" [1].

Amy Dean of Century Foundation, Maria Elena Durazo of AFL-CIO mislead about immigration reform (TruthOut, amnesty) - 03/04/13

At TruthOut, Amy Dean [1] offers "Why Immigration Is a Top Priority for US Labor" [2]. It's not clear whether Dean is intentionally trying to deceive or is just being deceptive because she's wearing the world's thickest and most naive rose-colored glasses. Whatever it is, she writes:

Obama 2013 amnesty draft: green card after 8 years; "Lawful Prospective Immigrant" - 02/16/13

USA Today was given a copy of a draft immigration "reform" (aka amnesty) bill from the Obama administration ( ). It sounds much the same as the other amnesty bills, even borrowing the name for the visa it would give to almost all illegal aliens from an earlier amnesty.

Senate amnesty: DHS Sec'y could decide to give illegal aliens citizenship (Napolitano) - 02/04/13

From this: Under a bipartisan Senate framework, Democrats say, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano would have final say over whether the border is secure enough to put 11 million illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship.

Chuck Schumer: don't make border security a "barrier" to giving citizenship to illegal aliens (2013 amnesty) - 01/31/13

Speaking earlier today, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-New York) said this about the plans for comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty [1]:

How CBS immigration poll misleads (legalization, amnesty, Cirilli, Mataconis, Moran) - 01/29/13

If I said we should require all illegal aliens to leave, what would you say? I'd imagine most people would laugh and say, "how? Illegal aliens shouldn't be here in the first place. It's not like we could wave a magic wand and 'require' them to leave." And, that explains why a new immigration poll from CBS News misleads (link).

How the Senate amnesty bill's border commission will be bogus (path to citizenship, Americas Voice) - 01/28/13

The Gang of Eight Senate amnesty plan includes a "commission" that would decide when the border is secure. After they decide it's secure, the former illegal aliens covered by amnesty would be put on the path to citizenship. And - showing how little trust you can put in any amnesty supporter - key players are working to undermine the commission and make it a rubberstamp.

Senate immigration amnesty framework 2013 - 01/28/13

A "Gang of Eight" senators have released the framework for a comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty) bill. The full text of the framework is below. Who's Involved

George F. Will misleads, promotes citizenship for millions of illegal aliens (amnesty, This Week, ABC) - 01/27/13

The video below shows an appearance by George Will on This Week with Martha Raddatz of ABC News. On the video, Will not only misleads, he promotes a massive, unprecedented program to give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.

Mark Levin wimps out on Marco Rubio's amnesty - 01/27/13

Radio host Mark Levin is potentially a supporter of Marco Rubio's plan to legalize millions of illegal aliens. You need to help make sure that Levin opposes amnesty. The audio below is from an interview Levin did with Rubio on January 23, 2012. After several minutes of Rubio saying nothing new regarding his amnesty plan, Levin finally chimes in around the 8 minute mark:

Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick mislead, promote bad immigration policy - 01/25/13

In the Wall Street Journal, Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick offer "Solving the Immigration Puzzle" (link). I'll provide excerpts followed by a discussion of how they're misleading and promoting bad policy.

Conservative leaders who support Marco Rubio's amnesty (Hannity, O'Reilly, Norquist, Cardenas, Krauthammer...) - 01/22/13

This post will maintain a list of those supposed conservative thought leaders (major pundits, media figures, organization heads, etc.) who support the form of comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty) proposed by Marco Rubio.

Conservative bloggers who support amnesty (Rubio; Hot Air, Morrissey, Johnsen, Loesch, Moran, Mataconis...) - 01/21/13

This post will maintain a list of those supposed conservative bloggers who support some form of comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty), specifically the amnesty proposed by Marco Rubio. This post doesn't list GOP politicians or pundits, just bloggers and other low-level members of the GOP establishment.

Democrats, far-left praise Marco Rubio's immigration moves (NCLR; Sharry; IPC; Obama and Gutierrez spox) - 01/20/13

In a January 18, 2013 press release, Marco Rubio lists some of the supposed conservatives who support his immigration amnesty plan ( ). To be balanced, here are some positive mentions of his plan (or at least support for his actions on comprehensive immigration reform) from those Rubio should be opposing on immigration: the Democrats and the far-left.

Ten reasons Marco Rubio's amnesty isn't conservative (immigration, legalization) - 01/20/13

Florida senator Marco Rubio recently described the outlines of his amnesty plan that would legalize millions of illegal aliens. As previously discussed, Rubio is either delusional, or he's trying to deceive. If you think his plan has any validity, make sure and see that link.

Paul Ryan supports Marco Rubio's immigration amnesty - 01/14/13

On his Facebook page, Rep. Paul Ryan writes [1]: Senator Rubio is exactly right on the need to fix our broken immigration system. I support the principles he's outlined: modernization of our immigration laws; stronger security to curb illegal immigration; and respect for the rule of law in addressing the complex challenge of the undocumented population. Our future depends on an immigration system that works.

Marco Rubio is delusional or tries to deceive on legalization (immigration, amnesty) - 01/12/13

Marco Rubio continues selling out both the GOP and the U.S. with his plans for comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty). See his name's link for his past efforts that have harmed the U.S. and for a discussion of why his immigration ideas won't work.

Very likely Rep. Trey Gowdy will help push immigration amnesty - 01/08/13

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina is the new head of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security. Despite what you might hear from Gowdy and others, it looks like he's weak on comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty, aka some sort of large illegal alien legalization program).

"Gang of Eight" senators plotting amnesty include Mike Lee and Jeff Flake (Utah, Arizona) - 12/10/12

According to Politico ( ), a "Gang of Eight" Senators are meeting to discuss a renewed push for comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty). The group includes usual suspects, plus one or two that might be surprising to some:

Don't be fooled by Lincoln Club of Orange County's immigration plan (Robert Loewen) - 12/03/12

Last month, the Lincoln Club of Orange County released a "Policy Statement on Immigration Reform" [1]. Their plan is - in a word - delusional. I'll quote the most delusional part of their plan, and explain why it wouldn't work as they want you to think it would.

Howard Buffett shouts "Viva Mexico!"; supports amnesty and guest workers; enables illegal immigration; wins Mex. govt award - 12/02/12

That very long title is more than justified since Howard Buffett - son of Warren Buffett - has been very busy supporting very bad immigration policies.

Even AllahPundit realizes how amnesty would harm the GOP - 11/16/12

While GOP leaders and pundits struggle with an even basic understanding of the politics of immigration and the "Hispanic vote", even AllahPundit of HotAir realizes how amnesty (c

Luis Gutierrez: Paul Ryan says amnesty is "the right thing to do" - 11/15/12

Alleged U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez said on tonight's Eliot Spitzer show on Current TV that Rep. Paul Ryan thinks amnesty is the "right thing to do" ( video: ).

Powerline promotes amnesty, even as it realizes Democrats will always undercut the GOP (Paul Mirengoff) - 11/10/12

Paul Mirengoff of Powerline supports comprehensive immigration reform ("amnesty"), even as even he realizes that no matter how weak the GOP gets on immigration the

Even Matt Yglesias realizes immigration amnesty would harm the GOP - 11/08/12

What is it that Matt Yglesias of Slate can see that GOP leaders can't? Not much: neither are that perspicacious.