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Nancy Pelosi: take college discounts from citizens, give them to illegal aliens - 02/20/07

Nancy Pelosi spoke at a town hall meeting at Arizona State University in Tempe on Monday, and was joined Reps.

Nancy Pelosi didn't meet the meddling Mexican congressmen? - 02/11/07

As previously discussed, several Mexican congressmen came to Washington to meet with their counterparts from the (U.S.) Democratic Party, and the two groups together demanded an end to deportations until "immigration reform" passes.

Standing FIRM Summit Pushes for Immigration Reform - 02/08/07

New America Media/Naomi Briley[[February 8, 2007]]/ link WASHINGTON--Last week over 200 immigrant rights leaders from across the country joined together, building strategies for immigration reform. The three-day conference, hosted by the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), was held at the Galludet University in Washington, D.C.

Mexican congressman discuss immigration with Pelosi Baca Gutierrez Solis - 02/05/07

El Universal/Andrea Merlos/[[February 5, 2007]]/ link/ translation Original title: Diputados abordaran migracion con congresistas en Washington

Mexican elected officials meeting Pelosi, Gutierrez, Baca, Solis over immigration - 02/05/07

In yet another in the long line of links between the Mexican government and the Democratic Party, three members of Mexico's House of Representatives will be meeting with four members of "our" own U.S. House of Representatives to discuss immigration matters and push for "reform". Those from "our" side are: Joe Baca, Luis Gutierrez, Nancy Pelosi and Hilda Solis.

Mike Madden/Gannett News, and the Amnesty All Stars - 12/31/06

Mike Madden of Gannett News/USA Today offers "Advocates hope new Congress will act on immigration reform", the latest in a long line of similar articles (Tim Gaynor/Reuters: "Democrats' win spurs hope of immigration revamp", the NYT editorial "Signs of Hope on Immigration", Boston Herald wants to "resolve immigration reform", etc.) Certainly, the views of the other side are to a certain extent worth listening to, but one wonders whether six opponents of amnesty have been featured in their own article. Madden informs us that "[m]illions of immigrants marched from coast to coast demanding new...

Silvestre Reyes knows less about terrorists than many bloggers - 12/09/06

Is al Qaeda Sunni or Shia? What about Hezbollah, are they Sunni or Shia? Many bloggers could get those right (Sunni and Shia, respectively). However, Democrat Silvestre Reyes - Nancy Pelosi's choice to be the new chairman of the House Intelligence Committee - did not know the answer to either question.

Nancy Pelosi unions/vineyards smear debunked! - 11/29/06

How do you know when ABC's San Francisco affiliate does an "investigative report"? When Nancy Pelosi is being attacked, of course. That station offers a report "debunking" claims that the workers at her vineyards and at a resort that she co-owns are not members of unions. However, since that report is being crowed about by Think Progress, you know there's got to be something wrong with it.

Breaking: President George H. W. Bush! - 11/21/06

Our sources deep inside the White House have revealed to this blogger a shocking scheme: President George W. Bush will step down... only to be replaced with his father, the former president whose only distinction is being slightly less horrific and having an additional middle initial. Under this scheme, Dick Cheney will step down in order to pursue his lifelong dream of being the CEO of a major government contractor. Then, "W." will appoint "H.W." to be the new vice president. Then, "W." himself will step down.

How to fight Minimum Wage hikes - 11/16/06

Republicans! Want to fight the Minimum Wage increases that both Nancy Pelosi and Teddy Kennedy favor? Point out to Democrats that their quasi-open borders policies have driven down wages for low-wage workers, and that the best way to naturally raise the minimum wage is to reduce illegal immigration by low-wage workers. With fewer low-wage workers, there will be less competition for minimum wage jobs, and employers will have to offer more.

Latinos Threaten to Take to the Streets - 11/15/06

[[Prensa Latina]]/[[November 14, 2006]]/ link Tuesday US Latino organizations threatened to carry out mass demonstrations on the streets of the United States if Congress refuses to take actions favoring immigrants.

Juan Jose Gutierrez, ANSWER, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and NBC News - 11/15/06

Juan Jose Gutierrez is the director of Latino Movement USA, and NBC News featured him as a spokesman for the Hispanic community last month. A week before then, he was a featured speaker at a public forum sponsored by the "Party for Socialism and Liberation". The flyer for that is to the right, and a description of the event is here. Note that the other featured speaker was Karina Garcia, the Political Chair of the Chicano Caucus at Columbia University ( Did NBC News know about this? Perhaps they did, but they were convinced to run the segment without...

Nancy Pelosi's culture of corruption - 11/14/06

Speculation continues to mount as the mainstream media digs ever deeper into Nancy Pelosi's questionable business dealings and asks repeatedly whether Pelosi is part of the "Culture of Corruption". Well, OK, so the media hasn't done that, prefering instead to offer puff pieces like "Nancy Pelosi Is Ready to Be Voice of the Majority". While we're waiting for the MSM to do some slight version of investigative journalism:

Nancy Pelosi "hopeful" about a "comprehensive immigration overhaul" - 11/11/06

From this: U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, who is in line to become Speaker of the House, is hopeful a bipartisan agreement on comprehensive immigration overhaul will be reached by the new Democratic-controlled Congress, said her spokeswoman Jennifer Crider. "She raised the issue with the president when she met with him as one of the issues she hopes they can work together on," Crider said...

AVWatch: Villaraigosa first former MEChA leader to make big leagues - 11/10/06

Duke Helfand of the Los Angeles Times offers a hagiography of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in "Mayor to reap spoils of election victories". He has a vision "of an eco-friendly metropolis with less traffic, more affordable housing, new trees and perhaps a subway to the sea." And, Aztlan! Except, that's not mentioned. It acknowledges one of the reasons AV might have avoided endorsing Phil Angelides until late: Meanwhile, Gov.

Democrats to announce "Three Point Pledge With America" - 11/05/06

During a live TV broadcast Monday evening, Hillary Clinton, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, and Harry Reid will be announcing the Democratic Party's new "Three Point Pledge With America": Point 1: Every week, a new gay congressman or pastor will be out'ed! Working closely with all the major supermarket tabloids, the Democrats will make sure that America gets the truth, the whole truth, and all the juicy details! Point 2: To save money, the Democrats will outsource legislative decisions to Mexican lawmakers.

President Pelosi? - 11/04/06

If the Democrats win the House, Nancy Pelosi could be third in line for the presidency. If both Bush and Cheney are impeached, that would make Nancy Pelosi president. President Pelosi? Here's the video version:

How many silver dollars would it take? (Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein picture) - 10/28/06

Their caption: SAN FRANCISCO / Dawn of shiny new life for Old Mint / Feinstein, Pelosi preside over ceremonial minting of coins to fund its reincarnation Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Nancy Pelosi each struck a commemorative silver dollar and told a bit of the Old Mint's rich history.

Democrats offer "A New Direction for Latino Families" - 09/30/06

The Democrats have various plans for different races: "A New Direction for __African-American____ Families", "A New Direction for ____Asian-Pacific Islander-American__ Families", "A New Direction for ___European-American__ Families", er, scratch the last one. Their latest race-based plan is called "Compromiso Democrata con el Pueblo Latino: A New Direction for Latino Families".

Pelosi: 'Republican Record on Border Security Is an Unmitigated Failure' - 07/01/06

Nanci Pelosi has ordered the following to be promulgated: The primary obligation of elected officials is to protect the American people and to protect our borders. "Reports that the Bush administration cannot muster even half of the National Guard troops scheduled by the end of this month for deployment at the border demonstrate yet again that the Republican record on border security is an unmitigated failure.

John Boehner challenges Nancy Pelosi over CA Senate resolution - 05/03/06

Here's part of his challenge: "The brazen support of California Democrats for this walkout amounts to a reckless endorsement of policies that make our nation and our borders less secure... Nancy Pelosi and her Capitol Hill Democrats should explain to the American public whether they support California's Democrat leaders who defied their oath to uphold the laws of the land.

Show immigration raid conducted; "1600 down, 14,998,400 more too go" - 04/19/06

The allegedly pregnant head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Julie Myers informs us of the following alleged fact: "ICE has no tolerance for corporate officers who harbor illegal aliens for their work force.

AVWatch: Villaraigosa to give Democrat's Spanish-language SOTU response - 01/25/06

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are proud to announced that Antonio Villaraigosa, the Los Angeles Mayor and former member of MEChA, will offer the Spanish-language response to Bush's State of the Union address on Tuesday Jan 31. The former president of the UCLA chapter of the racial separatist group has previously admitted that his Spanish is a bit rusty. Seeing as he was born here and no doubt English was his first language and all. No doubt Villaraigosa will write the speech in English and have someone translate it, assuming he writes it himself at all.

Chertoff promotes "Temporary Worker Program" at Senate meeting - 10/18/05

Don't believe everything you read about DHS head Michael Chertoff's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. First, from Drudge, come these headlines in red: HOMELAND SECURITY CHIEF: EXPEL ALL ILLEGALS... 'Our goal is to return every single illegal entrant, no exceptions'... Those headlines and the first two paragraphs of the AFP article Drudge references are wrong.

Are we headed towards a Banana Republic? - 09/28/05

From "Bush seeks to federalize emergencies": President Bush yesterday sought to federalize hurricane-relief efforts, removing governors from the decision-making process. "It wouldn't be necessary to get a request from the governor or take other action," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said yesterday.

A smear from Eugene Tong and Patricia Farrell Aidem of L.A. Daily News - 09/14/05

Recently a Canyon Country (L.A.) paramedic was killed by an illegal alien driver. According to the CHP: [The driver] is an illegal immigrant who has been arrested a dozen times and was deported once to Mexico. He has been convicted of four felonies, drug charges, thefts and a count of willful cruelty to a child, for which he served five days in jail... The Sep. 13 L.A.

Is Fabian Nunez an American, a Mexican, or a little bit of both? - 08/30/05

Fabian Nunez is the Speaker of the California Assembly, and he's returned from a four-day trip to Mexico designed to smooth over our troubled relations with that fine country. Unfortunately, based not just on this trip but on his entire career, I'm a little bit confused over which country he actually represents. Does he represent America, or does he at least partially represent Mexican interests? Needless to say, Nunez is a Democrat.

I need $25 for an ad on - 08/30/05

For "just" $25, I can get a text link (javascript, not a direct 'a href', not that a week would do me much good if it were) on for a week.

AVWatch: Why are foreign leaders coming to Villaraigosa's inauguration? - 06/29/05

According to the L.A. Times ("Inauguration Is the Place for Politicians to Be Seen") and the L.A.

"Pelosi helped donor to PAC" - 04/05/05

From this: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi helped secure $3 million last year for a nonprofit transportation-research organization whose president gave money to her political action committee as the group was paying for a European trip for one of her policy advisers. Transportation adviser Lara Levison's nine-day, $4,475 trip to Spain and Germany last April to learn about hydrogen-fuel cells for buses was primarily paid for by WestStart-CALSTART.

"Liberal" Loony Land vs. the Realm of Reality - 12/07/04

From "Liberal" Loony Land: The prospect of revisiting the immigration reforms [which were stripped out of the Intelligence "Reform" Bill] alarmed others. During a pointed exchange on the House floor last night, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the reforms "egregious" and "extraneous" and signaled that Democrats would oppose them. "I have serious concerns," the California Democrat said. "I hope Republican leaders won't tarnish the achievements of today" by bringing up the immigration reforms again after the new year.

Their money or your safety - 09/19/04

[cross-posted at and the Command Post] From August 28's edition of the CPUSA's house organ People's Weekly World (cache used because site down): U.S. Rep.

Interlocking loonies - 08/19/04

Front Page Magazine reports on all the people and groups tied into George Soros' network of 527s in the article Soros' "Reform". The article lists so many names who are tied to Soros it's almost mind-numbing: Soros believes he is the apostle of something he calls "the open society" under which national sovereignty is subjugated to global "democracy;" a vision that includes the borderless spread of international gun control. ...former Clinton White House operative Harold Ickes' Media Fund - which scant press reports say will be launching attack ads against President Bush -- can't be...

"Democratic leader calls for ending racial profiling of US Muslims" - 08/10/04

Guess who's back in the news: US House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, on Thursday called for an end to racial and religious profiling of American Muslims since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks against the United States.

Partying down with the enemies of the proletariat - 07/27/04

Far-lefty Marc Cooper on a DNC party: Follow the money, they say. So I did. And it led right to the Wellfleet oysters and mango lobster cakes. And the grilled swordfish. And the stuffed figs and sushi. As well as the ham, turkey, pasta, grilled vegetables, smoked duck, jumbo shrimp, fresh clams, cream puffs, napoleons, and eclairs. And to the gourmet wine bar and two or three other free-flowing bars.

Is there anything the miraculous John Kerry can't do? - 07/26/04

If I had gone to Boston to cover the DNC, right about this time I would be looking for the nearest exit. Sated with the stream of groups to which Kerry will grant benefits and the good that he will do, I would seek a breath of sanity. Exiting the hall, I would attempt to find, photograph, and interview protesters from across the spectrum as well as colorful locals. If I could find politicians or members of the press behaving badly, that would be a bonus. If I could entrap a member of the press into admitting liberal bias, that would be a big bouns.

The Hunker in The Bunker - 06/02/04

Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday! The Hunker in The Bunker is coming to Washington's Marriott Wardman Park Hotel! Hunker! Bunker! With Julian Bond, The Right Reverend Jesse Jackson, and more! Hunker in the Bunker: The Bush administration is controlled by a "right-wing conspiracy," and the prospect of President Bush's re-election is "almost too dire to bear," NAACP Chairman Julian Bond told a gathering of liberal activists yesterday. Mr.

"Napa council OKs Mexican ID card" - 06/04/03

From the Santa Rosa Press Democrat: An ID card issued by the Mexican government [see this backgrounder on these "Matricula Consular" cards]gained significant backing Tuesday in Wine Country as the Napa City Council voted unanimously to recognize it as valid identification... The cards, however, have become a hot-button issue in the immigration debate, with critics saying they give legitimacy to illegal immigrants and pose a threat to homeland security.

"The War for Liberalism" - 03/30/03

Pejmanesque links to this good Bill Kristol column: [Democrats/libs/lefties can be divided into two group: the Gephardt/Lieberman group, and the other group which] includes the Teddy Kennedy wing of the Senate Democrats, the Nancy Pelosi faction of the House Democrats, a large majority of Democratic grass-roots activists, the bulk of liberal columnists, the New York Times editorial page, and Hollywood.