Mike Madden/Gannett News, and the Amnesty All Stars

Mike Madden of Gannett News/USA Today offers "Advocates hope new Congress will act on immigration reform", the latest in a long line of similar articles (Tim Gaynor/Reuters: "Democrats' win spurs hope of immigration revamp", the NYT editorial "Signs of Hope on Immigration", Boston Herald wants to "resolve immigration reform", etc.) Certainly, the views of the other side are to a certain extent worth listening to, but one wonders whether six opponents of amnesty have been featured in their own article.

Madden informs us that "[m]illions of immigrants marched from coast to coast demanding new rights", when I recall them actually being foreign citizens or their supporters making a show of force in our streets. Then, after playing the Hayworth/Graf canard, he sets down to work by quoting "Marshall Fitz, director of advocacy for the American Immigration Lawyers Association, which is pressing for reforms." Harry Reid promises to come up with his own version of the bill the Senate passed. Patrick Leahy is mentioned, then we're treated to a quote from:

John Gay, a lobbyist for the National Restaurant Association and co-director of the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition, made up of trade organizations for industries that depend on immigrant labor.

Unnamed aides say that Nancy Pelosi, unlike Harry Reid, is on the fence:

Many new House Democrats supported new border security restrictions on the campaign trail, which could complicate matters politically for Pelosi, even though lobbyists working on the issue believe a majority of the House would vote for reform.

So, Hayworth and Santorum lost because of their support for enforcement, but Dems won despite supporting enforcement? Or, did Madden simply forget what he wrote only a few paragraphs before?

Continuing with the internal inconsistencies:

But the stalemate this year taught advocates that they need to act fast, before election-year politics come into play, said Cecelia Munoz, vice president for advocacy at the National Council of La Raza, the nation's largest Latino civil rights group, Munoz hopes the House will take up a bill by spring in order for Congress to finish its work before 2008.

The NCLR also has links to and funds extremists, but who's counting. Finally, Madden refers to the flow of illegal aliens over the border as the "arrival of new immigrants", and says that agricultural interests are complaining about a lack of labor.


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