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Veteran Family Vietnam LOVE DJT #MAGA Followed by #GenFlynn #DineshDSouza #ScottBaio #DrGinaLoudon #DrJanda #LauraLoomer #CPayne #MattCouch #GeorgePapadopolis
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More than 70 percent of Americans who watched Trump’s State of the Union speech Tuesday said they favored the basic…
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From @USAgaggy63
@mitchellvii We DON'T LIKE IT but WE TRUST POTUS and WE NEED THE WALL!!!!
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.@USAgaggy63: @mitchellvii is trying to get you to support amnesty. It was GWB's amnesty, then Obama's amnesty. Bill thinks it's OK because it's now Trump's amnesty. Patriotic choice is to oppose amnesty no matter whose name is on it. Demand Bill acts patriotic. #MAGA