Latinos Threaten to Take to the Streets

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[[Prensa Latina]]/[[November 14, 2006]]/ link

Tuesday US Latino organizations threatened to carry out mass demonstrations on the streets of the United States if Congress refuses to take actions favoring immigrants.

Central American Resources Center executive director [[Saul Solorzano]] (NOTE: he's misidentified as "Raul", and he's only the executive director of the DC branch) urged for an all-embracing migratory reform to authenticate 11.2 million people with no identity papers.

We'll wait 110 days the new Democratic Congress, if in that time the legislative body does not act, "we will," he warned.

...[[USA Latino Movement]] director Juan Jose Gutierrez expressed his opposition to Congress and White House propaganda for their interests to the detriment of immigrants.

One of the points on the Democrats agenda will be modification of the US migration laws, which House Democratic leader Harry Reid called a failed system.

Nancy Pelosi, who will be first female House speaker, hopes to reach a bipartisan accord on this topic.