Show immigration raid conducted; "1600 down, 14,998,400 more too go"

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The allegedly pregnant head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Julie Myers informs us of the following alleged fact:

"ICE has no tolerance for corporate officers who harbor illegal aliens for their work force. Today's nationwide enforcement actions show how we will use all our investigative tools to bring these individuals to justice, no matter how large or small their company."

The raid was of IFCO Systems, a pallet manufacturer. Seven executives were arrested as well as hundreds of workers.

Not only is this just a drop in the bucket after five years of the Bush administration strongly encouraging illegal immigration, it is most likely just "boob bait for Bubba". As an example of the latter, here's a Bubba who buys it or is trying to sell it.

I also half expect some politician - most likely a Democrat - to come out in opposition to the raids, most likely out of "humanitarian" grounds. Past example: Nancy Pelosi's comment on the WalMart raid, which was 2.5 years ago.

(Last half of title via comment at the PP thread from this guy)


I beat you by 6 minutes: