President Pelosi?

If the Democrats win the House, Nancy Pelosi could be third in line for the presidency. If both Bush and Cheney are impeached, that would make Nancy Pelosi president.

President Pelosi?

Here's the video version:


Brenton for president! the fact is we all must understand that this is not a nation of laws and soon it will not have borders and a people but will become a open land for all to fight in and kill each other at will, like mexico. impeach congress and hang the rats from trees, but that will never happen most of you will just get in line and say yes sir! Pelosi is just doing her job for the real owners of this once great nation.

Wouldn't it be more likely (assuming that they could actually impeach the President) that Cheney would be President and someone else (like Giuliani) would be VP? Then if Cheney were impeached, Giuliani would become President. (Remember Jerry Ford)?

Why not its not really a nation see what just happened to two Border patrol guys who did the job and see what just happened to two who are drug dealers for mexico.