Democrats in Congress cheer Mexico's president after he complains about Arizona's immigration law; what to do about it

In a shocking display earlier today, Democrats in Congress gave Felipe Calderon, president of Mexico, a standing ovation after he criticized the new Arizona immigration law at a joint meeting of Congress:

The fact that he'd criticize the law isn't that shocking to those who are familiar with the various actions inside the U.S. of the Mexican government and of Calderon. What's shocking is that Congress - including Nancy Pelosi - would be so open about standing with a foreign leader against the will of the majority of Americans. Recall that a few years ago various members of the Mexican Congress were to meet with members of the U.S. Congress and that Nancy Pelosi was a no-show. It's all basically out in the open now.

Unlike most others, I'm going to describe how you can do something about this. Voting is definitely important, but for a far greater impact see our page on how to reduce illegal immigration. Ignore the yakkers who just want to rile you up over this issue and increase their page views. Instead, resolve to do something about this, even if it just consists of encouraging others to do things in an effective way.