ACLU-Mexico partnership calls for nearly open borders; "humanitarian crisis" they helped cause

In April 2008, the San Diego chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union announced a collaboration with Mexico’s National Commission of Human Rights, a quasi-governmental agency. They've now released a report in which they - surprise - oppose border enforcement and call for what would amount to nearly open borders. The report is entitled "Humanitarian Crisis: Migrant Deaths at the U.S.-Mexico Border", but what they fail to note is the role that they and all others who oppose immigration enforcement have played in those deaths. If the ACLU and other far-left and racial power groups had supported our laws, there would have been many fewer deaths among those trying to cross our border; see the false compassion page for more. If anyone wants to do something about this issue, go to ACLU events and ask them these questions.

You can download their report (written by Maria Jimenez) from These are their recommendations:

Action on Day One:
* Recognize border crossing deaths as an international humanitarian crisis.
Action within 100 days:
* Shift more U.S. Border Patrol resources to search and rescue.
* Direct government agencies to allow humanitarian organizations to do their work to save lives and recover remains.
* Establish a binational, one-stop resource for rescue and recovery calls.
* Convene all data collecting agencies to develop a uniform system.
* Commit to transparency.
* Elevate border deaths to a bilateral priority.
* Invite international involvement.
Action within One Year:
* Adopt sensible, humane immigration and border policies.
* Support nongovernmental humanitarian efforts at the border to do what governments are unable or unwilling to do.

Ultimately, effective border enforcement strategy requires acknowledging the necessity of good faith efforts to fix this problem, respect human rights, and preserve life. Most importantly, it necessitates exploring policy options that minimize forced migration and maximize choices for legal, safe avenues of migration. Only when both nations are seriously engaged in protecting the lives of their most vulnerable populations, will the right of state sovereignty be balanced with the fundamental rights inalienable to all people.

The ACLU solution basically consists of letting anyone who wants to come here cross the border in a safe legal orderly fashion, amounting if not to open borders then to something close to it.

And, if you know a lawyer in San Diego, let them know about this:

This report was funded in part by a Grant from the San Diego County Bar Foundation generously supported by a contribution from the San Diego County Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the San Diego County Bar Foundation or the San Diego County Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service.

UPDATE: Spencer Hsu of the Washington Post discusses the ACLU's report here. He, of course, fails to point out the role that the ACLU, the Mexican government, and the WaPo have played in encouraging people to try to cross the desert. Compare what Sarukhan says to what the ACLU says (and Bush said before):

Arturo Sarukhan, Mexican ambassador to the United States, called the deaths along the border "a matter of utmost concern," citing both countries' efforts to avoid fatalities and to "break the back" of human smuggling operations. However, he added in a written statement, "at the end of the day, a secure, orderly, legal and humane flow of migrants will be the only solution to this challenge."

David Hoffman, chief of the strategic planning, policy and analysis division of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said Washington has taken many steps to reduce border deaths under a 1998 national border safety strategy, identifying dangerous areas with the Mexican government and adding rescue beacons in some areas.

"Every death is a tragedy," Hoffman said, adding that the Border Patrol has rescued nearly 11,000 illegal crossers in the past six years. "If there are shortfalls, if there are things we can do better, we are open to doing that," he said.

It's unfortunate that Hoffman didn't also take the opportunity to point to the partial culpability of those who work to prevent immigration enforcement.

UPDATE 2: There's a local news report at


what the People in the third world want is power over you and that is what the Aclu Want's above all other things, and it happening in front of you each day.

"Compare what Sarukhan says to what the ACLU says (and Bush said before)" All believe it's the duty of the U.S. to accomodate any and every Mexican national who might wish to reside in he U.S. Everything is based on this assumption.

It's MORE THAN LUDICROUS to describe the fact that some people die when voluntarily trying to cross illegally into the US as a "humanitarian crisis". Where are the news stories about people starving in Mexico?

And never mind the amount of American deaths caused by this group, due to gang crime, habitual drunk driving or domestic violence...just to name a few. I am positive more American die due to this group of people each year,than those of said group die trying to cross illegally. But you won't read about them in the MSM. That kind of shit should make every American demand our Rep's do their damn jobs and follow thru with their oath of office. And completely close the border to this kind of incursion and get this.. save American lives as well.

The crisis is that Mexico has always been a sawed-off failed state created back in 1848 by the white supremacist U.S. that took half its territory then foisted de facto apartheid on brown-skinned people. In the Obama era white supremacy is kaput, and its legacy is the real problem, and we need to accept each others' existence and work to share the New World in peace. Instead of trying to treat Mexico as a separate country anymore, it's time to incorporate it into the U.S. as 10+ new states sans the corrupt Mexican federal govt., allowing the whole U.S.-Mexico border to go poof along with its intractable problems. Click the url and read about the nonpartisan Megamerge Dissolution Solution proposal that's causing all the buzz.

It would be just dandy if we could all live together in understanding harmony. But your talking mexi-cons here. In the occupied city of Los Angeles Mexican gangs have been targeting black Americans in the form of ethnic cleansing for years now. These modern day banditos are not here to be "like your good neighbor". Federal and State officials as well as the LATimes and the mayor of LA must feel that this is exceptable behavior from foreign nationals who violate not only our immigration laws, but are fucking killing Americans on the street because of their race. Not the type of people any society would or should ever expect to welcome.