ICIRR, Mexican consulate launch hotline for illegal aliens being deported (Catholic Church, Adler School, NIJC, Raymond Crossman)

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights has yet another link to the Mexican government: they and a series of other organizations are sponsoring a hotline that illegal aliens who are being deported can call (link).

During a monthlong tinkering period, 67 volunteers fielded 173 calls, said Dagmara Lopez, who coordinates the phone network, created by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

"We've had calls from New York, New Jersey, California mostly, North Carolina," she said. "One morning, we got about 50 calls within an hour."

The number of calls and variety of locations speak to the confusion that surrounds federal deportation proceedings. Immigrants found to be here illegally are often shuttled among jails while families remain confused about the detainees' whereabouts and legal rights.

A partial list of those involved is provided at newamericamedia . org/2011/09/first-deportation-hotline-launches-in-illinois.php:

The hotline is being launched by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) in partnership with 35 social service agencies; the Catholic Church and other ministers; 17 private law firms and the National Immigrant Justice Center; Mexican hometown federations; the Adler School of Professional Psychology; the Mexican Consulate; and 67 trained bilingual volunteers.

Juan Salgado of ICIRR serves on the board of the Adler School (adler.edu/page/about/board-of-trustees).

Please write Adler's president Raymond Crossman: rec *at* adler.edu. You can also tweet @theadlerschool and a board member, @SidMohn (president of the Heartland Alliance). Ask them how it feels to be linked into the Mexican government's network and who ultimately profits from their misguided attempts at "social justice".