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The Fiscal Con: fiscal conservatives, libertarians shift blame on problems they helped create

Many leading fiscal conservatives and libertarians attempt to shift blame on problems that they helped create. They attempt to use problems the U.S. faces to push one part of their agenda, while ignoring how another part of their agenda helped cause those problems in the first place.

For instance, many fiscal conservative leaders (albeit not many libertarians) supported the Iraq War, which will end up costing the U.S. somewhere between 1 and 3 trillion dollars. Those fiscal conservative leaders (such as Mitch Daniels) complain about massive government spending, without acknowledging the role they played in running up the debt.

Another example comes from a series of articles that those in the fiscal conservative/libertarian/"Profits at Any Price" camp have written about the problems that California faces. They whine about massive spending, as if all the costs California faces just fell from the sky one day. Actually, they didn't: many of the costs that California faces can be traced back to one source: massive low-skilled immigration.

The fiscal conservative types tend to ignore that source because they tend to support massive low-skilled immigration. Their policies helped set the stage for massive spending. Now, they're blaming the victims of their policies.

Massive low-skilled immigration hasn't just increased social welfare spending in California. It's also given more power to the free-spending far-left and even the Mexican government inside California. The far-left uses their increased power to push for more spending. Massive immigration has also led to more spending on schools, teachers, and civil servants. Fiscal conservatives tend to whine about civil servant pensions, without revealing that without massive immigration there wouldn't be such a demand for civil servants in the first place.

Massive immigration has also reduced the quality of life in especially Southern California, leading to many in the middle-class fleeing the state. Even Dan Walters has acknowledged that California is becoming a two-tier society: a small number of rich people, a very large number of poor people, and few in the middle class.

Libertarians, fiscal cons, and others in the Profits at Any Price club have all helped bring California to its current state through their loose borders policies. Take action: use the Question Authority plan to discredit them by asking tough questions on video at their public appearances.

Last modified May 21, 2011
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Amity Shlaes is a Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow and writes a column for Bloomberg News. As such, acknowledging that massive low-skilled immigration just might be a major cause of massive teen unemployment is something that she dare not do lest she be drummed out of the establishment.

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The Wall Street Journal posts [1] and Ed Morrissey of HotAir hypes [2] an editorial blaming the minimum wage for very high teen unemployment (see this).

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Fiscal conservatives and libertarians have a cruel trick they like to play on the people of California: whine about the problems California faces in order to push one part of their agenda, while ignoring how another part of their agenda caused the problems in the first place. See the fiscal con page for a detailed description and several examples. The latest pundit to pull the Fiscal Con is George Will of the Washington Post, who offers "Golden State blues", link. In the article, he misleads his readers by not revealing a major cause of high spending: [California's supposedly high] tax levels...

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Roger Simon of Pajamas Media offers "Is California Hopeless?" [1]. It's yet another article by fiscal conservatives and free market types in which they fail to account for the highly negative role that their support for massive immigration has played in bringing California to its current state. And, not only does he fail to reveal his ideology's role in heavily damaging California, but he even wants us to suffer: The only solution is for California to suffer — and to suffer badly. The citizens of this state need a serious beat down. This was the place where Jane Fonda popularized “No gain...

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Torture memo author John Yoo offers "How to Save California: Outlaw Public Employee Unions" [1]. That's definitely an idea worth considering, but Yoo oddly enough is ignoring a more fundamental issue that would help California even more. That issue, of course, is immigration and specifically illegal immigration.

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Eight public officials in the city of Bell, California were recently arrested regarding the pay scandal in that city (link).

Allysia Finley doesn't tell whole truth about LAUSD spending binge (WSJ) - 09/04/10

Many fiscal conservatives live in a fantasy world where we can have massive immigration combined with low spending, despite there being absolutely no evidence of that ever happening and despite there being countless examples of how massive immigration leads to increased spending. The way many of those people get around this massive flaw in their policy proposals is to simply ignore immigration's impact.

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The city of Bell, California has been in the news lately due to exorbitant salaries that city officials voted to give themselves. Most of those using Bell as an example of failed policies have failed to note that they themselves support failed policies, and those failed policies have played a role in Bell's situation. Two examples will be provided below, and the reader is encouraged to add more in comments.

George Will, blaming California's woes on liberalism, at least mentions role of massive immigration - 01/10/10

There have been a spate of recent articles in which conservatives have blamed all of California's problems on liberalism, with all of the ones I've seen almost completely ignoring the role that massive immigration has played. That massive immigration not only increased spending, but it gave more power to the free-spending far-left. Why they won't mention that isn't exactly clear, but it probably touches on political correctness, ignorance, or the fact that they fantastically think they can support massive immigration without increasing spending and giving more power to those on the far-left....

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