HotAir ignores mass immigration's impact on California (J.E. Dyer)

In a HotAir "Greenroom" post ("California by the numbers", link) that was promoted to their front page, J.E. Dyer engages in the Fiscal Con. As described at that link, that consists of fiscal conservatives ignoring their role in the problems they whine about and using those problems to push another part of their agenda.

In the current case, that consists of pushing lower taxes, fewer regulations, and more oil production as a job creation tool, while ignoring the three million or so illegal aliens in California. Many leading fiscal conservatives support mass immigration, yet they consistently refuse to acknowledge how it's harmed that and other states. Instead of admitting they were wrong and supporting attrition, they just push another part of their agenda.

In the Hot Air article, the only mention of the immigration topic isn't much of a mention at all:

Well, but which state had the highest tuition hike for its state university system in 2011? That would be California, with a tuition jump of 21%. (This hike mitigated somewhat the advantage of in-state tuition for those here illegally, which California offers along with 11 other states.)

That's it: J.E. Dyer just ignores three million or so people. There's also a promotion of recent Joel Kotkin articles that also engage in the Fiscal Con, and a promotion of the Koch family-linked Mercatus Center at George Mason University. While the subject of illegal immigration is brought up in a few comments, they also include this work of art:

The November 2010 election results indisputably, unquestionably helped make california the most disgusting, pathetic state in the nation. Not only did lunatic-left d-cRAT socialists win essential EVERY race in the state, the slugs, slackers, deadbeats, liars, freeloaders, losers, taxpayer-leeches, cheats, ILLEGALS, potheads and Hollyweird degenerate voters, all stoned on “medical” pot, EVEN RE-ELECTED A DEAD d-cRAT to the legislature! (There were some pathetic, low-IQ, slow-learner types at the Red State blog who actually though that some of the RINO candidates could win – but no mentally capable person believed them.)...

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