George Will, blaming California's woes on liberalism, at least mentions role of massive immigration

There have been a spate of recent articles in which conservatives have blamed all of California's problems on liberalism, with all of the ones I've seen almost completely ignoring the role that massive immigration has played. That massive immigration not only increased spending, but it gave more power to the free-spending far-left. Why they won't mention that isn't exactly clear, but it probably touches on political correctness, ignorance, or the fact that they fantastically think they can support massive immigration without increasing spending and giving more power to those on the far-left.

Now comes George Will with "Liberalism is What is Killing California" (link), which is like the others except for this:

It took years for compassionate liberalism to make California's welfare menu contribute to the state becoming an importer of Mexico's poverty.

Now see this 2006 column in which he promoted Bush's amnesty plan (ignoring attrition) and this post. Why wasn't he suggesting attrition back then as a way to reduce the problems that California is facing today?

He also fails to note the role that NAFTA and "free trade" played in reducing the number of factory jobs in the state and immigration's role in causing Americans to flee to other states. Instead, it's all about those damn hippies, as he tries to make people in other states think that all Californians are like the far-left loons in Berkeley. Maybe Huell Howser (link) could be enlisted to give him a tour of the other parts of the state.


He jumped the shark a long time ago.

Yeah, you'd think George Will would jump at the chance to criticize Kennedy's (failed) nation-changing social experiment in 1965 that led to the massive importation of poverty from Mexico et al. But at least Will mentioned it.