Ed Morrissey, Glenn Reynolds, Newsbusters don't tell whole truth about Bell, California

Eight public officials in the city of Bell, California were recently arrested regarding the pay scandal in that city (link). Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley says they misappropriated $5.5 million from that poor city south of downtown.

Some media reports failed to note that the eight charged are all Democrats, and Glenn Reynolds [1], Ed Morrissey of HotAir [2], and Lachlan Markay of Newsbusters [3] take them to task. That's definitely a valid concern.

However, at the same time, those three all fail to even acknowledge the role that massive/illegal immigration has played in the problems that Bell and other cities in that area have been having for years. When complaining about the media not telling the whole truth, it's generally a good idea to tell the whole truth yourself and not just pick and choose the parts that fit into your ideology.

UPDATE: Eight people were arrested, not six as originally stated.

[1] instapundit.com/106615 says "STRANGELY, THEIR PARTY AFFILIATION IS OMITTED" and then links to one of the stories about the arrests. It also includes this update; the ballot part hasn't been verified by me, but at least the Latino part is getting closer to the truth:

UPDATE: Reader David Marcus writes: "In California, non statewide offices are non partisan. The candidates may self identify with a party, or may be registered with a party, but its not going to show on the ballot. Because Bell is a heavily minority (Latino) city, it is most likely they are all Democrats, but they did not run for office as Democrats. That is not on their campaign literature and not designated on the ballot."

[2] hotair.com/archives/2010/09/22/
No one says even a peep about immigration-related topics, not even HotAir's commenters.

[3] newsbusters.org/blogs/lachlan-markay/2010/09/21/
Likewise: no one at that page says a peep about immigration-related topics.