Joel Kotkin grossly misleads about California's problems

At Forbes, Joel Kotkin offers "Who Killed California's Economy? /There are five suspects, from the governor to the constituents themselves" (link).

I left the comment below. More could be said about the gross dishonesty he exhibits in the article, and I suggest going there and leaving a comment (quick, free registration required).

Comment follows:

This article is beyond dishonest: it completely fails to note the role that massive illegal immigration played in CA's problems. That lead to increased spending and to a large part of the middle class fleeing the state. Not only that, but it built up a power base for the far-left legislators, and they used that to push for more spending.

Without the massive immigration that hacks like Joel Kotkin support, the far-left wouldn't have as much power as they do.

Kotkin misleads about the problem the CA GOP has. It isn't because they're seen as "anti-tax and anti-immigration zealots", but because a) they tend to be socially conservative in a state that generally isn't, and b) they're generally stupid and have a habit of making unforced errors.

Kotkin fails to note that a good portion of the farm-related unemployed are here illegally, and the situation could be lessened if we enforced our laws.

You just can't trust what Joel Kotkin tells you. For a discussion of something else he wrote earlier this year, see this.

UPDATE: Apparently Jay Leno isn't returning his calls, so Kotkin appeared in a segment of "InstaVision" with Glenn Reynolds of Pajamas Media ( Seriously, at 16 minutes you'd have to pay me serious money to watch it; I made it through four minutes but that's all I could take. So, I'm calling for volunteers who'll watch segments of it. Convert your last name's initial letter into a number based on its alphabetic ordering and then multiply that number by 8/16. Watch that minute, then report whether Kotkin mentioned illegal immigration's role or not.


Despair flows as fields go dry and unemployment rises San Joaquin Valley farms are laying off workers and letting fields lie fallow as their water ration falls.,0,3172131.story You mean you can't have unlimited population growth and still have enough water for agriculture? What's gonna be--population growth or agriculture? And the answer is not "BOTH! via 'smart growth'." Water is a limiting factor and California is hitting the limit now. Unfortunately, the state is projected to add tens of millions more people, all foreign on a net basis. Lonewacko is right about about the California politicians but it's not just moving left but anti-sovereignty. For instance, the state's 'don't ask' housing rental law which is effectively a statewide sanctuary for renting to illegal aliens.

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