Erika Johnsen of Townhall/Hotair ignores immigration impact on California

Just three days ago I wrote about J.E. Dyer of ignoring immigration's impact on California.

They've done it yet again, with Erika Johnsen of Townhall (they and HotAir share a parent company) offering "Go west, young man, go west! …Unless you're into being successful" (link).

There isn't much fundamentally different between that and their earlier post. Both present helping corporations as the solution, while ignoring the three million or so illegal aliens present in California. Johnsen's post is keyed to a Chief Executive magazine survey ( finding that California was the worst state in the U.S. to do business [1]. But, both engage in the Fiscal Con: see that link and the first link in this post for more.

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[1] New York state claimed 49, and Illinois 48; Texas was 1 and Florida 2. Most of the top ten are southern states. If you think living in Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, South Carolina, or (non-DC) Virginia would be better than living in California, please by all means move there.