Carly Fiorina misleads: ignores immigration role in California problems (NRSC vice chair, "job creators")

Former California senatorial candidate Carly Fiorina is the new vice chairwoman of the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee). She also becomes just the latest fiscal conservative to mislead people using the "Fiscal Con" (see the link).

She offers "Big government is not way to stronger economy" ( which whines about California's problems without revealing the role that massive immigration has played in putting California in its current situation. And, she doesn't reveal that because many fiscal conservatives support, enable or ignore massive immigration:

Once a haven for innovators, job creators and dreamers of every kind, its population is now shrinking and its unemployment rate is at historic highs. Despite some of the country's highest tax rates, California also has one of the highest budget deficits. Businesses of all kinds are strangled in a thicket of regulation and the people who should be served by government aren't... California demonstrates that even one of the world's largest economies can reach a tipping point — where the disincentives for economic growth and job creation overwhelm even extraordinary human talent and natural resources.

Nowhere in her piece does she even hint at the problems that massive (especially low-skilled) immigration has caused for California. See the Fiscal Con link above for a long discussion of the problems that she's ignoring. If she won't even acknowledge the major role played by massive immigration, can you trust her sales talk about "job creators" and her other prescriptions?

On an ironic note, Fiorina also says this:

Republicans understand that the American dream starts with a job. Maintaining our economic power in the world requires that we create jobs here at home.

That's from the same person who said "There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore" and who's very closely associated with outsourcing from her time at Hewlett Packard.