What City Journal doesn't want you to see (Troy Senik, "Worst Union", California, immigration)

Former George W Bush speechwriter Troy Senik [1] and the Manhattan Institute publication City Journal don't want you to see the following comment.

In May, Senik posted "The Worst Union in America" [2] at City Journal and engaged in the Fiscal Con (see the link).

Senik went on for paragraph after paragraph - seemingly trying to lay all of California's woes at the feet of the California Teachers Association union - without once mentioning the role illegal immigration has played in this state's problems.

In response, I left the following comment [3]. Weeks later, it hasn't appeared on their comments page (which has 137 comments on it):

Whatever your opinion of the CTA, they wouldn't have so much power if not for mass illegal immigration

Who enabled mass illegal immigration and thus helped the CTA (and the far-left Dems in the CA legislature) gain so much power?

For that, look to not just the Dems but the GOP and libertarian types. The latter love to whine about the far-left, but do that while helping the far-left gain more power.

And, to make it worse, they usually ignore immigration's impact on CA's problems (as is the case in this and previous city-journal articles).

Every time someone whines about CA's problems at this site and doesn't mention immigration, call them out.

I contacted those involved on Twitter and they never responded.

If you want to do something about those who engage in the Fiscal Con, tweet them and let them know you saw what they didn't want you to see: @troysenik @cityjournal @ManhattanInst.

And, see deleted comments for dozens of other examples of sites deleting or not approving comments that showed how they were misleading their readers.

[1] Senik's Twitter profile is "Former G.W. Bush Speechwriter; libertarian conservative; Editor @ Ricochet; Contributor @ Manhattan Institute; Senior Fellow @ Center for Individual Freedom"

[2] city-journal . org/2012/22_2_california-teachers-association.html

[3] The original comment had "immigration" abbreviated to "immig." for technical reasons, which I've restored above. Other than that , that's the original comment. Note that it doesn't contain any links.