Hot Air readers, Erika Johnsen turn their backs on millions of Americans in California ("anti-Arizona" immigration bill)

The California state senate recently passed a bill called the TRUST Act which seeks to prevent localities from contacting the Department of Homeland Security about all but the most dangerous illegal aliens.

The patriotic response to the bill would consist of realizing that the far-left illegal immigration supporters in the California legislature are not representative of the state as a whole. And, it would consist of working to oppose the leading illegal immigration supporting people and groups such as Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (see the link). That's what I do; see Antonio Villaraigosa, Gil Cedillo, American Civil Liberties Union, and countless more (and still more).

For an alternative response to the bill, let's turn to Erika Johnsen and the readers of HotAir. From "California senate passes "anti-Arizona" immigration bill" [1] (bolding added):

Once again, here comes California, demonstrating their peculiar knack for proving just how spectacular the invention of federalism is - when states compete, we can aptly see what sort of policies work well, as well as what sort of policies don’t...

...Let me break this down for you, California - Arizona is engaged in a "crackdown" on illegal immigration, not because Arizona is full of a bunch of mean racists who don't want Latinos residing in their state...

...So, in all of their self-imagined righteousness, California is all about winning the popularity contest, and they’re openly declaring that they’re going to pretty much sit back and all but invite illegal immigrants to come find safe haven in their state (or at least, do much less to deter illegal immigration relative to other states). …Do they not realize the unsustainable incentives they’re creating here?

Once again: not every citizen in California is the ideological friend of those like Tom Ammiano and the others listed above. Instead of going after them, Johnsen goes after the victims of their policies. (The second paragraph also contains a more general error).

But, she's not alone. Her readers chime in:

* That about does it. Once work dries up for me we’re outta here.

* Good, let ‘em all flock to that Freakshow. And, let the Freakshow take care of them.

I want tens of millions more illegals to take over the Freakshow.

I can’t wait for all of the Socialists to be taxed for it, too.

* As an resident of Arizona, I applaud this approach. CA just upped their already well known status as a magnet for law breakers.

* If it weren’t for California we’d have no example of utter stupidity to point to. (by Warner Todd Huston)

* While this sucks for California citizens, it may be a good thing nationally. If illegals migrate out West, they will be less in number in swing states.

* What would be awesome is if Texas and Arizona started putting illegal immigrants on planes and buses to California state line. Or started handing out brochures about how wonderful California is…and how much free stuff they can get off those taxpayers.

* The only worry I have is that when CA’s bill comes due, they’ll want the rest of the country to bail them out – and right now, I have little confidence in Congress’ willingness to say no.

Still, this move should help alleviate AZ’s illegal immigration problem.

Out of 124 comments at post time, only one isn't along the lines of those above:

The California state lawmakers are being lobbied. If I had to guess one of the lobbies is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The (US Chamber of Commerce) loves it some cheap illegal alien labor.

Opposing them on immigration (and their allies on the far-left) is what HotAir should be doing, but the desire to turn their backs on millions of their fellow citizens is too strong. Unfortunately for them, "take a snapshot of Los Angeles and in 25 or 30 years so will go Topeka, Kansas and Des Moines, Iowa."

Note also that as of 2005, California had sent dozens of billions of dollars to the federal government than it had received back.

And, see Fiscal Con for past examples of fiscal conservatives blaming those victimized by policies they support or won't oppose.

[1] hotair . com/archives/2012/07/06/